Hi Everyone My husband and I have set ourselves a challenge for 2023. We are considering hiring a motor home and travelling to France in June. It all feels very scary. Currently doing lots of research. It’s not the sort of holiday I would have chosen before my stroke but it’s an alternative to flying so will see what the research comes up with.

Looking back, I remember in my early recovery days thinking we would never be able to go abroad again but here we are, having been abroad on a number of occasions. Never say Never.

We would be interested to hear from anyone has done this, good or bad. Look for to hearing your thoughts.

Regards Sue



@Susan_Jane great to hear you’re planning this trip. It should be great.

I haven’t been away in a motor home post stroke but have flown twice with very few issues.

Really hope your research bears fruit.

Ann xx

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@Susan_Jane vert exciting.

I had my stroke March 17 and we went away in a motor home from 5 April for a week as we had already booked up and our daughter and family had there’s too, though we were just in England and I’d been misdiagnosed didn’t find out till 10th April I’d had a stroke.

It went well but I was exhausted all the time and my ankles were swollen. Just by sitting in the van. But I was only about 19 days after my stroke. If I’d known I’m not sure I’d have gone.

It will be exciting and you can relax on route with stops.

I’ve flown twice since my stroke and I was fine.

Good luck :wink:

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sounds exciting!
i guess how yr stroke affects u will be a unique factor to you.
i wouldn’t expect any issues for my impacts except i wouldn’t yet be sharing the driving so i guess we’d plan short hops & a day or two between

if you find a good and reasonable cost source then pls let us know!! :smile:

We went to France in August ,not in a motorhome though ,we stayed in a static,we drove from Lincolnshire to Plymouth then to the west coast of France for 10 days and back again with only me driving did about 1200 miles and had a great time ,plenty of walking and swimming,I even took my metal detector with me .France is great for motorhomes ,you’ll have a great time .

Shwmae @Susan_Jane, I have never done this but I say go for it. You’ll probably surprise yourself how well you will cope and enjoy the distractions. Stimulating the brain with new things can be a great benefit. :grin:

Hi Everyone, thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. We’re thinking of hiring a wheelchair accessible motorhome, I don’t use a wheelchair but accessible vehicles appear to be larger and have larger showers and wet rooms, which I need as I need help with personal care. Feeling quite excited at the prospect, especially as I’m here on my tablet looking at the rain pouring down in the garden.

Regards Sue


@Susan_Jane great idea. Let us know your planned route and final destination. I would be writing my lists for what to take :joy::joy::joy:
When we did our road trip. I cooked a couple of meals and put in the fridge and freezer in the camper-van to make life a little easier, also a stack of sandwiches too. I’m excited for you. Kind regards Loraine

Hi Lorraine, we have not yet decided on our route or final destination, just know it will be somewhere in France. My brother and sister in law live in Spain and will be travelling from Costa del Sol in their motorhome and we are meeting up with them in France. Will definitely be stimulating the brain with new and exciting experiences.

Regards Sue

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@Susan_Jane even more exciting meeting up with family enjoy planning. :wink:

Thanks Lorraine, I’m making lists and organising as we speak :slightly_smiling_face: regards Sue

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@Susan_Jane oooo i’m excited for you. Sounds like it’ll be great especially meeting up with family. Never even knew you could get accessible motor homes but sounds like a very good idea.

Look forward to hearing how it all goes xx