Hi, well that was a bolt from the blue

Late on 4th September 2021 around 23:30 I was sitting watching TV with a cup of tea, then suddenly the tea was all over me and the couch, thinking to myself how clumsy of me how did I do that, I stood up and went into the kitchen to get a cloth and I couldn't pick it up, my hand wasn't working properly. As I walked back into the lounge I noticed myself in the mirror and saw my face and the horror dawned on me. I went to tell my husband which was when I discovered I couldn't speak.

He was looking at me and I couldn't tell him I needed an ambulance, after what seemed like forever, but in reality was probably only a minute or so of me standing there in front of him, me opening and closing my mouth like a fish out of water, he realised something wasn't right, I made a motion of holding a pen so I could write but I couldn't hold the pen in my right hand, so with my left non-dominant hand I scrawled the word 'stroke' and I saw the fear in his eyes register as he looked at me.

He called for an ambulance and we waited, 30 minutes went by, no ambulance, I pointed to the phone and scrawled another left handed message, the word 'urgent' this time.  He called again, went through the same procedure as before, the call handler went through the FAST procedure again so they knew it was a stroke they were dealing with but he was told 'we're extremely busy tonight'. 
Time was ticking by, I knew there was a time window involved for treatment, he couldn't drive me to hospital as he'd had a drink, the third time he called 999 he asked how long calls were taking and he was informed 3 hours, he was frantic by that time and I scrawled 'taxi', so he asked the handler if it would be better to get a taxi and he was simply told if he took me there by taxi he should call back to cancel the ambulance. I scrawled our son's name, who he called and I waited once again. Ironically they both arrived at the same time. Well over 2 hours had passed by now. Thankfully the paramedics, once they arrived, acted quickly calling ahead so the hospital were expecting me. Hubby had to stay behind because of COVID restrictions but I was pleased he had someone to sit with him as he was so worried and worked up I thought he'd have his own medical emergency, but I was on my way at last, once at the hospital things moved quickly, the CT scan confirmed there was no bleeding so I received the clot busting infusion, 3.5 hours after the CVA.

Turns out I suffered a Left PACI, possibly POCI Thalamic, they can't say for definite as the CT scan didn't show any damage, even the follow up scan didn't reveal the damaged area, so they diagnosed me with how I presented eg right hand ataxia and dysphasia.

So, I'm now on the rehabilitation road, it's frightening the not knowing what lies ahead. I'm on medication and waiting for an appointment at the stroke clinic.

Wow, sorry, what an awful experience, but glad you recieved the clot-busting meds under the four hour window. What I know of POCI strokes, chances are only an MRI will show damage because of the amount of bone in that area. CT scans can't scan over bone. I had the same problem, CT scan, next morning, head doctor walks in, "Good news, no damage to your brain." After MRI, had six TIAs and a major stroke, cerebellum. Don't let any fears get the better of you, recovery is difficult but immanent. 

Thanks Rups, sorry to hear about your situation and I'm wishing you all the best. I'm trying to stay positive and optimistic about the future, if I'm honest fear is winning out a little at the moment, but it's still early days, I haven't seen any medical people since I was discharged from hospital so I'm having to search this site for info, thanks ever so much for the encouragement.

Well, feel free to pose as many questions you need. A lot of us may have the answers or advice that can help laugh

Sorry to hear about your stroke. Did they not give you a mir scan at hospital are there a stroke team near you if so get your GP to refer you to them.  I had my stroke in may and my birthday is on the same day you had your stroke. It does get better fatguie a pain but you will get there all the best des

Thanks Des, sorry to hear about your stroke too, (and happy belated birthday wishes) hopefully you have significant made progress since May.

No, in hospital they talked about giving me an out patient appointment for a MRI but then said I didn't need one and discharged me, still waiting for a date for a follow up appointment with the Stroke Team, but have been informed it will be 6-8 weeks, that said when I got a Sick Note from my GP for work, he said the follow up appointment with the Stroke Team could take up to 3 months, so don't know when I'll see anyone to ask for a MRI, but I'll ask if the GP can refer me earlier.

I agree about the fatigue being a pain, though I thought it was because it had only been a couple of weeks for me, but reading on this site it appears fatigue can be ongoing, oh the joys to look forward to!


Sorry to hear about the time you have to wait for the stroke team the hospital should of refered you. Got to see mine stroke team two days after being discharged as for the mir scan that does seem odd how can they say you don't need one if the first scan did not show anything a mir scan would show a lot more I would ask you GP to refer you to get one.


Fatguie s a hard one some lasting week's some years so e never ends.  The management of t help is take your time have rest and try not to push things too much with good wishes des

I've spoken to my GP for a referral, hopefully will hear something soon with a MRI appointment.  I've got someone from the Stroke Association coming to see me on Wednesday next week, so some face to face advice will be good. On the phone she told me 'rest my brain' as well as resting my body as it was the brain that was injured it needs the additional rest to help combat fatigue. She advised sitting/lying in a darkened room with no distractions/noises/TV/music off etc so my brain doesn't have to work at doing anything. So I've been trying that for 15-20 mins twice a day, it does seem to help.

Good for you hope it all goes well