Hi just introducing myself and looking for some words of wisdom

A week ago I woke up and noticed my mouth was numb and I couldn’t smile properly. I went to my local hospital,had CT scan and got told I’ve had a very mild stroke. A bleed on the brain apparently. Was sent home immediately afterwards with no medication, which surprised me. Got home and felt terrified to be honest. I know nothing about strokes at all but it sounds so very serious. Got another scan this coming week. A more detailed one. Realise I don’t know anything about what I can and can’t do ,for example have a dentist appointment and can’t open my mouth properly still. Is it even safe to go? I was told not to drive but that was it really.
I know many people on here will have had much worse to deal with, but wondered if anyone else had been through a similar experience? It seems to have happened out of the blue. I have low blood pressure,stopped smoking 10+ years ago,don’t drink much alcohol but have had a lot of stress in recent months at work. Wondering if that caused it.
Feeling very alarmed and shocked as not sure if I will get any answers or where I will get them. Thanks for reading my story so far.

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@Sarah59 hello Sarah welcome to our forum sorry you are here with us as you sound up in the air waiting for answers. All I can say is have your scan, is it an MRI? I’m thinking your medication will be prescribed when they have the answers. Maybe it’s until after your scan so they can give correct medication. As for dentist can this wait until you’ve seen consultant?

You will be feeling all over at the moment, it’s normal, emotional, worried and scared. Try to stay calm use some techniques like deep breathing or mindfulness until you see your consultant. If your extremely worried contact your GP they will be able to help you on medical terms. And maybe find some answers for you while your waiting for results. Good luck and best wishes Loraine

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@Sarah59 welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke. Having a stroke is a big thing, however “mild” you’re told it is. Being sent home like you were must be even more worrying as you have no idea what caused it and whether it will happen again. Hopefully the scan you have this week will provide some further answers for you. I would assume if you needed medication you would have been given some but they might just be waiting until you’ve had the 2nd scan so they treat you correctly.
In relation to your dentist appointment if it was me I would postpone it for now, unless it’s for urgent treatment.
Try not to worry (easier said than done I know) as worrying will make you feel worse. If you’re very worried contact your GP and get them to go through things with you. You could also speak to someone from the Stroke Association who may be able to put your mind at rest until you’ve been for your next scan.
Take care

Ann x

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Thank you @Loshy and @Mrs5K for your kind words and replies.
It’s a CT scan with dye I’m getting this week and if that doesn’t show anything up,I will get an MRI scan afterwards.
I will cancel the dentist! Not urgent.
It’s been such a terrible shock and I am really worried and know that won’t help. Thank you for your support. It’s nice to know this forum exists :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Sarah59 welcome, though sorry about you having had a stroke.

Hopefully your second scan will reveal more information for you, though until you see the consultant the person giving the scan may not give you any information, so hopefully you’ll get to see a consultant quickly after the scan.

It standard for them to say you can’t drive for 30 days, if you have no further issues you can usually drive again once the month is up.

Make an appointment with your GP as they will have received a letter from the hospital outlining what happened and if you haven’t heard from the consultant, your GP will be able to tell you what the hospital said.

It’s a big shock to have a stroke, so your feelings are understandable.

Hope you get all the info you need quickly.

Best wishes

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@Mahoney thank you! I will try to get an appointment with my GP asap.
You’re right it is a massive shock! And I guess it’s only been a week but im trying to get as much information as I can ( without scaring myself)
Thank you for replying.


Hi @sarah59,
Like you I had a couple of TIA’s last week. Completely out of the blue. I also had a numb, tingly face and mouth right sided. And my right arm. Couldn’t speak properly. I had CT whilst I was in A&E the second time. No blockages in head or neck so thought to be because of a clot as I have A fib. The only information I was given was about driving so trying to find out if how I’m feeling now is normal or not. I agree so scary, so left in a state of shock. At the moment feel like I’ll never feel like me again.

Hello @Waddy and sorry to hear you’ve had a terrible shock too. I agree the lack of information given adds to the sense of shock and helplessness.
I’m taking it very easy this week before my next scan and do actually feel a bit better as a result. My mouth is still affected ( l h side) bit feels a wee bit better. When I try to smile I can see the l h side of my face isn’t functioning properly. At least it hides my wrinkles on one side of my face though!!
I hope you can take it easy and try to relax. I’m trying to just take each day as it comes as anything else is too hard at the moment. Thinking of you and hope you can find some help on this forum. It is a totally overwhelming experience to go though and I think we just need to be very kind to ourselves right now! Sarah x

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@sarah59 I agree. At the minute I don’t have the energy to do much but I suppose that’s normal. Outwardly I just look a bit pale and tired but I just wish the dizziness would settle. Hope your tests give you some answers and best of luck on your recovery x

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@Waddy the exhaustion is normal. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Sounds like you’re doing that already. I was given some betahistine tablets for my dizziness on my 2nd visit to hospital. Worth asking your GP for something maybe?

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@Sarah59 hi Sarah and @Waddy I had dizziness on and off for a few months. Then 5 months after my stroke I had a massive bout of dizziness it took nearly 2 days to settle. They said it was vertigo! It all settled after that and I sometimes get a slight off balance feeling for a few seconds. So there’s light at the end of the Tunnel so to speak. Hope it hurry’s and settles. Your body and brain has had a shock. Re wiring can take awhile. I wish you both speedy recovery to settle it down. Be very kind to yourselves and listen to your body to rest. I had my 3 grandchildren yesterday all day and I’m paying for it now. 3 hours sleep in the afternoon it’s been awhile since I’ve slept that long during the day. Kind regards Loraine


Hiya, Sounds like you’ve had a very nasty shock. I had a mild stroke last year in March after two TIAs a few days apart which were scary and confusing, and I ended up spending 9 days in hospital (feeling incredibly dizzy and unable to walk as my left leg would not hold my weight) whilst waiting to have an MRI scan. My first scans showed I’d had a stroke but there was no bleeding so I was told I’d probably make a full recovery. 16 months on, my mobility has been restored but I’m only about 80% with my balance.
If you’ve been discharged, I can only assume that it’s safe to do so but the new scans and MRI will tell your doctors (and you!) more. As others have said, try not to worry (if possible) and ask for help from your GP if anything else bothers you.

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Thanks @Pam258 for your message. It has been a terrible shock I have to say. Out of the blue and with no warning really except some weird tingling feeling on my face but think that may have been when the bleed was actually happening.
I’m glad Im getting the next scan so quickly and hoping it will give me some answers.
I’ve hardly left the house since it happened and I know that isn’t good for me but I do feel really scared in case something else happens. I know that is a hurdle I will need to get over.
Sounds like you have made a good recovery. It’s encouraging for us newbies to hear that. Thank you! Sarah

Yes, don’t worry- there is light at the end of the tunnel! The key thing for you is finding out why it happened and then preventing it from happening again. The scans and your doctors will figure it out for you.
My cause was high cholesterol because I hadn’t been on the right medication. I am now and my level has dropped so I’m hoping that if I keep taking the tablets, I’ll be trouble free. Crossing fingers etc.

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Dear Sarah

I am an old timer in years and in the time since I had a stroke. First thing I would do is to ask at the GPs for a copy of your diagnosis. No need to ask the GP, the staff should do this for you. If you had a transient stroke, then you should be OK. No permanent damage. I do hope that is the case. Then you would be wise to gently start on a regime to ensure nothing worse happens. Diet, exercise and maybe some relaxation classes. I do hope it was a TIA and not a full stroke, but either way there is life ahead for you.

very best wishes



Dear @Colin ,

Thank you for your reply. This is such a nice friendly place to have found.
I did get a copy of the letter from my consultant and it says I have had a " right frontal lobe intracerebral hemorrhage" . They can’t tell me why yet but I had another CT scan yesterday and am waiting for the results. It just all feels so scary. My mouth has been affected and is a bit lopsided although does seem to be getting a bit better. Been two weeks now since it happened. I can smile a wee bit now.
I’ve decided to just try to take each day as it comes for now. Thank you for taking the time to reply and nice to meet you!


Hello Sarah,
you have come to the right forum for discussion about your stroke, do not be afraid to ask anything the members of this forum I have found are very helpful and resourceful. I have found with stroke victims that assistance and help from your local hospital trusts and councils vary and not all have the same resources. When you do go and discuss your stroke with any department have a list of questions you want to ask no matter how trivial, also ask about what assistance you can have to aid your independence and recovery. With the immediate problem you have, I have found using vibrating equipment such as a small motorized toothbrush has helped me with the numbness I get occasionally in my mouth also ask to speak to a member of the speech and language department they will give you some useful information. One thing my wife always says is that of all the things to get back first it had to be my voice and mouth movement not too sure what she meant by that.

good luck



Hello John
Thank you for replying to my message. Your last wee bit did make me laugh!
I’ve found this forum such a welcoming place at a difficult time.
I’m pleased to see my mouth is definitely looking a bit less lopsided now. Still not back to normal yet but it is definitely better than a few weeks ago so that’s promising.
I’m still waiting to hear back from the consultant about next steps.
Best Wishes to you,

Hi my name is Diana I have been reading people’s comments about life after a stroke but have only now felt able to join in. I had a stroke at the end of July this year. All I was doing was watching the tv. After MRI scan found I’d had 2 mini strokes recently before the Stroke. I feel so anxious and depressed all the time. My relationship with my partner is very traumatic and he shows me no support or much care at all. Last year we moved from the south to Lincolnshire to retire but 24/7 is too much for us. We have different hobbies so I feel lonely leaving friends and family behind. Have made a couple of new friends. I am not allowed to drive yet so feel very isolated. I have 2 small dogs so have always been very active, healthy and fit. I feel so sad how everything has had to change and I find it hard to be positive and carry on. Has anyone else felt like this with post stroke fatigue?

Welcome @Chanti although sorry to hear youre feeling this way. Moving away is difficult at any time but following a stroke must be extra difficult. For people who aren’t used to being together 24/7 retiring together is a massive adjustment. Made all the more difficult for you after your stroke. The stroke association have a here for you service where they can arrange for someone to call up and chat. You can just call their helpline & they’ll sort it for you. They also do online activities which you can join in if you want to. Not sure if there are any local stroke groups that you could attend too.
If takes time to adjust to the new you after a stroke & its almost like grieving for the you you’ve lost. It gets easier in time as you adjust to your new capabilities. Hope things settle for you soon. Theres always an ear on this forum if you need advice or just want to rant.
Best of luck x