Hi everyone

Hi everyone I’m new here, looking for support and advice on how long it takes to get my speech and face back, had a stroke a month ago completely out of the blue really scarey, I’m 51 :raised_hand:


@Caz3 Welcome to the forum & sorry you’ve had a stroke. I was 49 when I had my stroke & it was a total shock too. It’ll take you a while to process it but in time you’ll get there.

I can’t advise specifically on speech & face as mine weren’t affected. What i can say though is that it is very early days for you & stroke recovery is all about patience. Hopefully you’ve been given some exercises to do for your speech etc. It will be a case of doing those on a regular basis. I guess repetition is key. You sound quite determined so I’m sure you’ll get there.

There will be someone on here who can advise on your specific circumstances. It’s a very supportive site.

Best wishes.

Ann x

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Greetings Caz3 early days yet rapid healing starts just after stroke then plateaus out after a year so important you don’t beat yourself up when it slows down but it will get better. Have you got a Stroke support Group you can attend ? My group has sessions for communication skills once a month. Glad you found us. Ask away here lots of advice and encouragement given

Thanks Ann, patience is not one of my virtues lol it’s just so frustrating not being able to get my words out properly and struggling with eating and drinking x

I wasn’t good at patience either but I’ve learnt it along the way. Well in some circumstances I have. :grin: you’ll get there. Also rest when your body tells you too as thats just as important as pushing forward.


Hi @Caz3 and welcome, sorry about the stroke.

Yes, it’s scary, it’s takes a little time to process that it’s happened and the brain has to rewire around the damaged area. It’s only been a few weeks, there’s lots of time for improvements to be made, unfortunately it’s a marathon rather than a sprint.

In answer to your question, unfortunately there is no straight forward answer, we all rehabilitate at differing rates.

Hopefully you’ve been given exercises to do. I was told to read out loud, sing songs, play opposites eg someone says a word and I say the opposite eg hot/cold.

Have you been referred to a speech therapist?

Best wishes

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Hello @Caz3. This is an early time of so much going on as others have suggested. There is healing, processing and making some sense of what has happened. Our bruised brains can only handle a certain amount at any given time. Worrying about what is going to happen and when occupies head space that usefully could be doing something else and there are no answers to those questions. My best advice is to take it day by day building on every bit of progression some of which may be virtually imperceptible until you look back. Be prepared for the bad days as well as the good, they will both happen. I was 50 when I had my stroke by the way, so very similar to you in that respect. Wishing you all the best in your journey, Julia


Just back from seeing my 87 year old cousin who had a major stroke in June. She lost all her speech. Haven’t seen her for a month. Her speech is now much improved. To begin with she could barely say a word, but today she managed to respond to most of the conversation.


@John_Jeff_Maynard that’s good to hear, so pleased she’s doing better :+1:

Hello Caz,
I was 47 when I had mine 4 months ago and the day after I asked the nurse if I’d be back at work the week after…I had no idea! Like others have said, you’ll have to be patient with this one, give yourself time. Also, I pushed progress a bit much sometimes and my body let me know for a few days after. It felt like an invisible ceiling, but I’ve learned to fly just below it with my pushing. I still occasionally do too much but that works okay for me. So, I think it’s okay to push, but don’t expect any quick fixes, rather slight improvement overs days /weeks, with occasional bad days. Its a rollercoaster so you’ll need to roll with the bad days. Overall you’ll find slow steady improvements. I also think meditation helped keep some perspective on things and the darkness away. I used headspace app but you might find some mediation on whatever music app you use too. Best wishes and best of luck, Mark


Hi Caz
Welcome to he group, it is a great place advice or just for sounding off. Every stroke is different, recovery times differ, just relax do facial exercises in time you will notice differences. Do not put yourself under pressure or timescales, your body will recover in it’s own time.

Hi there and welcome to our little group here sorry to hear you had stroke I guess you having input with you speech issues with speech language therapist and salt are involved if not try to get this input through your GP I am sure in time with their input things will improve for you hope things do work out it’s like most things in life it will take time but you are stroke survivor and you have to stay strong and it might seem scary at first but when you get mind round situation that you are survivor stay strong and take each day at time I had my stroke last Boxing day so coming up to first anniversary and when I look back of last year I can see our far I have come since then you take care stay safe stay warm and hope you have wonderful joyful peaceful Christmas with your family merry Christmas happy new year best wishes Kaz61

It took awhile for mine to come back…maybe six months if I remember right. Speech therapy really relied with that, just getting those facial muscles working. I remember practicing kisses in the mirror, and moving lips to each side. Moving tongue from side to side. Mine is back now, but left side is still weaker. I can tell it’s not the same, but most others don’t seem to notice my crooked smile. ( or else their just being kind.). I’ve learned to live with it. Take a selfie each week and you will be able to see your progress. Merry Christmas…:heart:

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I remember my face being lopsided when I had my stroke 3 years ago. I also did exercises in front of a mirror, particularly trying to smile and holding my lips close round a straw. Keep at it, it pays off in the long run. Mary

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