Hi anyone got any experience of teen stroke

Hi my son had an ischemic stroke, he is 18. Is there anyone with any experience of this? Thanks

@helcoop22 welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear your son has had a stroke at such a young age. Very difficult for you all. I don’t have any experience of a teenage stroke as I was 49 when I had my stroke but I’m sure there will be someone on here who can help. If I had one bit of advice for you is that you need to be patient and look after yourself as well as your son. It’s a life changing event for you as well as your son. Good luck with everything xx

Hi @helcoop22 so sorry to hear your son’s had a stroke at such a young age, there’s is a charity called Different Strokes that is for young stroke survivors, they may have some advice and be able to connect your son with others his own age, the Stroke Association too are great, so you can get in touch with them also.

Wishing you both all the best and I hope your son makes good progress with rehabilitation

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@helcoop22 welcome to our very friendly forum. So sorry to hear about your son at such a young age to have a stroke.

It can be life changing but hopefully he’s young enough to overcome problems which may present.

I hope you find someone to talk about with in a similar situation.

Your hospital should put a plan in place with support for him from various professionals.

I wish you understanding and your son all my very best at this frightening time.

Loraine :hugs:

Thank you very much,

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Thank you very much.

Thank you I have visited different strokes and It was just what I was looking to find.

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