Hgv driver

Hi all im a newbie my name is Craig I suffered my ishemic stroke on aug 6th this year.talk about turn your life upside down. I'm a 54 hgv driver or was for at least 12 months. Do many hgv driver actually regain there licence. Have left hospital on a frame with left sided weakness im now 14 weeks in im able to walk 2mls at a push, so im making good progress I think. Left arm still weak but working. Be happy to here other hgv/psv drivers experiences 

Regards craig

Hi Craig, I am not an HGV driver, but my husband is, and he said to tell you, it,s a long old haul to get your licence back, but he works with two guys who have had stroke and heart attack, and although it took a while, they are both back in work driving. He said, best thing to have a chat to your Doctor about your chances, as they are the ones that do the HGV Medicals.

Good luck with it all. Jane.

Hi Jane thanks for your reply its good to know there is hope. Its a case of head down and try to make big strides, on my journey to get mine back im very determined as its my livelihood. On a different note I worked for a company called cobley transport for 17 years, any relation 

Kind regards craig

Hi Craig, Glad you have such a positive approach, it really is the only way to be, but can be difficult sometimes. I am sure you will do it and will keep my fingers crossed for you. That is so strange you worked for a company call Cobley Transport.......no relatives there, are far as we know, but is is a strange coincidence. My Husband looking into it, as he has been a HGV driver for many years now and you have him wondering!!!!!