Help with electric adjustable bed recommendations

I have realised that I need a bed where the head part and feet both raise electronically.

Does anyone have any experience of buying this sort of bed?

Any recommendations on what might be good/bad in terms of:

  1. where to buy a bed
  2. particular brands/styles of bed
  3. suitable compatible mattresses

I am open to all suggestions/thoughts/ideas…

….but I would prefer a ‘normal’ (ie non-hospital-looking) king size bed. I would need to be able to attach bed rails, so if it is not hospital-style with built in rails then it would need to be compatible with bed rails.

(I had to get my carer to write this as I still haven’t figured out the new website :upside_down_face:…… apologies to those I haven’t replied to as yet)

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Hi @ZX1

My parents bought an adjustable bed and mattresses from HSL 2 mattresses of differing softness (one firm one soft, mum preferred a softer mattress) on the same base.

Dad had an bed rail that fitted under the mattress on his side.

I have to say it was expensive purchase. Dad liked it as it aided him, mum preferred their previous divan but understood it was a necessary change for dad.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you the model they bought as mum made the purchase herself.

There are other retailers that offer this type of bed so you may be able to shop around.

Best wishes

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I have ordered two electric single beds from Dreams. My daughter took me to their shop in Plymouth where they had a selection on view and to lie on and try. Like you I wanted a non hospital looking beds and ones that you can raise head and feet. I chose a basic one and decided to try using our existing memory foam mattresses. They are due to arrive on Tuesday next. I have paid extra to have them assembled. There we’re some with massagers, under and over bed lights, height raisers, in fact so many buttons on the handset I think it would totally confused both of us.

A s I write my daughter and her husband are disposing of our two unwanted bed frames and we shall sleep on our spare ones until they come.

I will let you know how we get on with


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I have had anadjustable bed for years now. The only thing with them is you always sleep on your back which I have no problem with. The only problem is my bedroom gets very cold in the winter and you cannot snuggle down like you can when on your side. But that is a small price to pay I am sure you will be pleased with it. Norma.

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The beds were delivered and assembled without any hassle. Though did discover the cost had not included any headboard, not that I need one now as put the bed back up when I want to read. I sleep with the head raised a few inches which allows me to sleep on my side in comfort. My husband is delighted with his, he needs to be raised up since being diagnosed with heart failure. We are very pleased with our new electric beds. Marylin

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Hi it’s shaz I had to buy a brand new mattress after my stroke for extra support I went to Dreams and they were very helpful you could try them hope this helps

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