Hi all,

Does anyone else find that they can hurt themselves by being to forceful, like turning a door key and hurting fingers, or wiping hands with a towel and pressing hands and fingers so hard they hurt?
I do it but then forget to jot these things down, but today for example I was just picking up groceries from a checkout and was hitting my hands so hard on the metal tray that they are hurting many hours after?

There seems to be lots of little things that happen after a stroke that you notice and then forget about until the next time!

Hi Bert, yes that happens to me, though in my case I’m not sure if I’m being too forceful but I bruise easily because of the Clopidogrel I take. Just a couple of days ago I thought I’d broken/cracked a bone in my finger after catching it but it turned out it was bruising (the dark bruise developed a little later) and I couldn’t bend my finger, I even taped it to the next finger to stop me bending it as it was so painful.

All the little knocks I’d write off, never notice before cause pain now.

Hope your hand feels better soon,

Take care

Lorraine, I too get funny looks from the family too, they think ‘what’s all the fuss’

Take care


Hi @Loshy and @Mahoney - it’s strange isn’t it, but at least we now know we are not imagining it👍


Aye, when I bend my toes for too long, as in crouching, the pain is distinct. This has been a recent thing for me after two years, so I am starting to wonder what it is all about.

Hi Bert
Yes me to very much so. Even 4 years after my stroke I notice it most holding my wife’s hand she tells me I’m crushing it also if I bring a print out down from the printer it’s crushed by the time I get it downstairs so I now put it rolled up inside a toilet roll in my pocket works for me.also my whole left side is ultra sensitive even clothes touching me .
All the best Peter

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Hi @Peter_perfect
Nice to speak to you - I’ve just read your answer to my wife Jen and she says that I do the same, squeezing her hands until it is hurting but I don’t realise I’m doing it. We wouldn’t have discussed it now if it hadn’t been for your reply as we don’t realise what we are doing I suppose, so keep it coming Peter👍

Take care @Bert

Hi @Rups, perhaps other members on here have that problem as well and can give some ideas?

Take care,


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Yes even the water in the shower stings my left side most strange

It is strange isn’t it @Martin ? Almost like all nerves go really sensitive in various parts of the body.

Take care, John

Hi Bert I can Walk around for ages not knowing I’ve got something in my hand lol

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Hi @Martin - just make sure it’s not a 6’ long plank :rofl:

I do the opposite, put something down and forget where I put it - and yet I probably haven’t moved from the spot! I’m always doing that when I do any repairs etc., and lose the tools! Hang on…Martin…you don’t live next door do you - and when I put it down you pick it up… :rofl:

You should see the stuff I bring back from the shops Bert :joy::joy:

I think we’d all better come to your house then @Martin :rofl:
I bet you’ve got half a dozen drills, fridge freezers and some of the staff :rofl: :joy:

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The staff took some explaining when I got home Bert :crazy_face::joy::joy: