Heading towards my two year anniversary

@Clyde123 welcome to this friendly forum. Sounds like you’ve made some good progress. Hopefully the feeling dreadful in a morning will ease in time.

To be fair it’s a small price to pay for still breathing. Sometimes it seems easier to focus on what I can’t do, rather more importantly what I can.


Hi @Clyde123 good to hear you’re back to driving, though sorry you’ve still got issues with your arm.

Best wishes

Thanks for the kind message. Had a prior injury to my left shoulder pre-stroke ended up with a frozen shoulder. Which is not uncommon. Took a while to be diagnosed and then awaiting treatment. So have more use and just need to keep pushing myself. I have read some of your posts. Hopefully you are doing well.

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It doesn’t stop me continually asking how long before I’m well again , the lack of being able to measure repair of the brain is a medical failing which the doctor s cannot provide even consultant s are clueless, hopefully more research will help those yet to have a stroke.

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Well done for getting this far. I had my stroke nearly two and a half years ago and must say I still pay for a Nero-physio fortnightly she is amazing with referring to the nhs. The muscle in my left leg remains weak so has referred me to Roehampton hospital for Botox to see if this will help improve my walking.
She is great with suggestions and I find with her guidance I am still improving with my recovery even though it is small steps.
Stay positive and keep up the good work. Dottie


Well done you - what a wonderful positive outlook. Best wishes for 2023

Thanks Dottie, it’s a struggle and currently trying to find my place in the family having been the linchpin to the baby non walking vulnerable child like creature in need of constant protection, it’s like being a kid again

Yes the date is very profoundly etched in my head, life ending and new life beginning. Wish my overheated hand and ice collect shoulder would rebalance and the sensory effects get sorted not seen any significant improvements in all this time, maybe too early for a significant brain repair

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How much movement do you attempt & have?
I’ve found sensory improvement with mobility - movement I can push & practice but the sensory can’t directly but as a side benefit…

the cold hand didn’t improve yet though

Update, just got back from seeing my privately funded neurologist from the spire hospital, he took me through the cause of my stroke and how it affected my body, I will be trying some new medication for pain and had tips on shoulder mobility I came say wiser with confirmation that every recovery is unique and brain dependent, nothing new there, will return in 4 months so I feel someone is looking at my recovery bar the very competent physio


That all sounds positive @mrfrederickson hopefully the new meds will work well & your pain will reduce.

@mrfrederickson afternoon, sound like good advice and helpful for you to put your mind at rest. Keep going Loraine :blush:

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I typed platform one into my web browser and it came up with some sort of a military cloud-based tooling thing… Is there a web address you could refer me to two use the platform one type of service? I haven’t been able to truly talk to anybody about my stroke or the things that go through my head… I have recently been able to listen to various YouTube videos and things like that to try to keep me on the positive side.

Try typing in Platform-1 and that should bring up the relevant website

Thank you :pray: very much for the re direction I appreciate it greatly

Thanks Lorraine, feeling so cut adrift by the nhs I chose to have my case reviewed by someone else, worth it for peace of mind no quick fix but the way the brain operates after stroke was insightful, especially the lag on damaged cells showing up as a backwards step after you believe you are recovering, it’s quite delayed sadly

The go cannot get my pain relief sorted chased them and the pharmacy, good job it’s not life threatening.
God help me

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Humm that’s not right you waiting for your pain medication, can you call the pharmacy? It might be worth a try.

It is awful when you’re waiting and trying to get better with practice. I would chase it this is another week you’ve waited. It’s Friday again tomorrow weeks fly by. :grinning:

The weeks do fly by don’t they? Yes do chase up your meds - it’s so much more difficult to get things done at the weekend

Headspace has a good reputation - is an app. So is ‘Feeling Good’ which my nhs neurosomething recomended

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