Headaches / feeling weak

Hi i had a stroke on Jan 14th this year and have been recovering well yet twice now ive had a funny head where my ears burn and my cheeks are flushed plus i feel un steady on my feet yet my BP is normal !!! on both these times I’ve gone to bed and woken up the next day with a pretty clear head yet i am very unstable on my feet and feel weak !!! , i was hoping to go back to work part time soon but not sure now as this includes driving as well I’ve booked blood tests for next week and also eye test as i wear glasses . if anybody has any thoughts i would be very grateful . ps love this forum as so much help offered . Cheers Martin


@Moonie66 just wanted to say hi. I never went back to work so cannot help that way.

But your symptoms are similar to most of us. Just be patient and listen to your body.

Someone will have better advice than me so I wish you luck kind wishes :blush:

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@Moonie66 it’s still quite early days for you yet. At that stage I had permanent fuzzy head, off balance issues. I suspect it’s part of the recovery process & maybe happens when you’ve overdone things? It’s good that you are getting bloods done as that will hopefully rule things out.
Could you work from home initially?
Best wishes.


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Hi Martin.

Just curious - what was the root cause of your stroke? And are you now on any medication that you weren’t on pre-stroke? Feeling flushed and unsteady could be down to low blood pressure and even being dehydrated. Are you generally good with fluid intake? Maybe next time, do a BP check whilst feeling a bit iffy.

Are you still under the care of a stroke doctor? If not, perhaps a chat with your GP is in order. Blood tests will work in tandem with either.


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Hi @Moonie66 and have you had your hearing checked also!

You sound similar to me. It started out with headaches, disorientation, dizzy and I’d put it down to the stroke effect and thought it would clear up in time. So I didn’t do anything about it for a few months but I did have my eyes checked in the mean time just in case :wink: But the symptoms started to become more frequent and then I started having a decrease in hearing in the evenings to the point of complete deafness. Doc referred me to ENT. He’d also run the usual blood test etc and referred me to neurology but nothing ever came back untoward of those.

But ENT was spot on for my cure; they did all sorts of test and a scan and found I’m going deaf! So I’ve now got hearing aids in both ears and a sinus spray to keep them unblocked. I haven’t had a head pain since and the dizziness/vertigo also seemed to clear up!

So this is something else you need to have checked out, you never know, it might be worth it. We never event think to consider our ears when we get headaches or dizziness, whatever, it always tends to be the eyes or our worst fear, the brain.
Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, hearing aids are free on the NHS if it does turn out you need them :smile:

@Moonie66 Hi Martin , it’s only been a couple of months, perhaps you need a little more time before thinking of going back to work, we all progress at different rates, perhaps your body’s way of asking you to slow down a little :smile:

Hopefully you’ll get some answers after your blood work come back.

Best wishes

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