Have I recovered?

Hi, dazc I had a similar thing happen the beginning of the year, I started getting dizziness really bad then headaches then came to the loss of balance

I went to my GP about them but was told it was from a previous stroke 10years ago? This went on for months but he was adamant it was nothing new

I went to get my eyes tested as I also had double vision and the ophthalmologist wrote a letter referring me to the hospital saying that this was not normal.

I now have a prism on my glasses and to cut a long story short I ended up changing GPs because I was getting nowhere with the old practice until that is he got that fed up of me going to see him about it he sent me to the hospital, the best thing he could have done the Dr. I saw sent me for an MRI just in case and it showed I had, in fact, had another stroke in the cerebellum which is the balance center of the brain and once I had the report from the MRI I took it to show my old GP then left and changed practices, I was so angry with them it was unreal.

Good luck with getting things sorted don't take no for an answer