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Where is the best place to get exercises for hand strength and finger dexterity. I had the usual 6 weeks from discharge. gp referred me to local physio they use, but they just send someone out who gives me pictures then basically get on with it. then ring us again if you need help. the last time I requested more help, I had to print document myself at home, using my own paper/ink

Shwmae @chris67, just wanted throw some ideas into the mix. Play-doh is good, as it is the same has therapy putty that is used for hand exercises but you can make things, so it has a creative result. Stress balls and fidget spinners may be useful. Personally, I think Lego/Duplo would be ideal for coordination exercises and, once again, you end up with something made. Dexterity tabletop games that can be played alone or with others, these introduce a fun aspect to exercise, and are found on shopping sites through Google.


We do have some exercises for the hand and wrist on our website. They were part of last year’s 12 week stroke specific exercise programme. Here are the “red group” exercises for an example:

There are two other groups available (amber and green) depending on how much mobility you have. You can read more about the exercise programme and what the different groups are here: Stroke Recovery Exercises | My Stroke Guide

As with any programme, we would always recommend you speak with your GP or physiotherapist before starting.

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thanks Rups, my neighbour has given me tabletop pick up sticks

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