Had my medication review

Had my medication review all good one extra pill and told best way to use inhalers, also have urine infection where that come from no wonder feeling lousy all week more medication life sucks sometimes

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@Mickyboy hope you feel better soon :hugs:

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Chin up, here’s hoping you feel better soon.

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Hi Mickyboy-- My husband just had a urine infection. It’s really awful, but you get better pretty quickly with the medicine. Then about 6 weeks later he got another one. Went through all the medication again. I’ve been telling him for years he doesn’t drink enough water. His doctor told him drinking more water would help prevent urine infections, because it keeps you flushed out. He decided to listen to the doctor. So , first thing of the day he gets a large 6-glass-pitcher and fills it with ice and water, and drinks it throughout the day. No problems since. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

A step in the right direction. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

Regards Sue

Glad your med review went ok. Hope your infection clears quickly @Mickyboy

Thanks for all your support yes I will try and drink more water, just have to do blood pressure readings for few days and send in, they don’t send nurses out anymore so have to have monitor at hame slowly feeling better actually changed my bed today slowly and hoovered my room, got some more inhalers for my copd :woozy_face:


Well done @Mickyboy stay strong and positive sending :hugs:

If you changed your bed, you MUST be feeling better. That always exhausts me. AND you hooovered your room :clap: Jeanne

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That was yesterday today feel like crap again legs ache feel wobbly is this what a urin infection does to you hope tablets kick in soon

Did they give you antibiotics for your infection? They usually start working quite quickly. The infection could make you feel rough. You might need to rest up & if infection not getting any better you may need to go back to dr.

Hope you feel better soon xx

Yes got meds still waiting for them to kick in still feeling terrible

Are you feeling any better? Sounds like you may need to visit your GP again. Hope you get better soon x

Stilll got 2 more days to go so have to give them a chance

When my husband had a urinary infection, they told him they had to send the urine to a lab to test the urine for several different kinds of bacteria–as there are different meds for different types of bacteria. Some meds won’t work on some bacteria. He found, and I have found with my urinary infections, that usually during the second day life becomes bearable again, and by the 3rd day we were feeling pretty normal. The doc always said if we didn’t feel better in 2 or 3 days to call as we might need a different med. If yours is not clearing up, you may need a different antibiotic. Jeanne

I will ring Docters Monday urine sample should have results back, really wiped me out never felt so bad everything was so difficult thanks all

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Mickyboy, I’m ordering you to heal! Jeanne


@Mickyboy have you been drinking plenty of water, cranberry juice works too. If you’re still rough you need to let your GP know as a second course of different antibiotics sounds like it’s needed. Let us know how you get in lots of luck :four_leaf_clover: Loraine

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Loved the cartoon!!!

Me too

I like this one too