Grab and Go Hospital Bag

Yes, the machines at my hospiral are card only. Right pain. The parking machines though still take cash :rofl::rofl::rofl: feel like i’ve bought my own parking space by now :grin::grin:

There’s no room left in my bag but warm socks are a must for me.

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And slippers I always like moisturiser too

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@Loshy yes, a nice snuggly pair of slippers … you can’t beat that. A reminder of Home, and it can be cold in some parts of the a hospital … need to keep those feet nice and toastie. The same goes for @Mrs5K warm thermal (if poss) socks … heat from the body escapes out through the feet.

You could also bring some 80’s style leg warmers (men and women! :relaxed:) and some gloves, if you have circulation issues

That leads me onto various ‘supports’ you can buy online, for example:

Hand Warmers (electrical/usb powered)
Feet Warmers (electrical/usb powered)
‘Migraine hat’ … but you’d need to be able to freeze it :cold_face:

You can buy mini fridges online, and sneak them in :smirk::smirk: and then @Rups can have his wine nice and cool :wine_glass: :sweat_smile:

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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@Loshy …definitely moisturiser as sometimes the heat can be turned right up, drying out your skin.

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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Looking at the smaller items … I always have an ‘emergency rescue kit’ e.g.,

Olbas Oil … for blocked nose/sinus issues
Rescue Remedy …great for acute stress
Nux Vom……Homeopathy tablets…brilliant for nausea

These are just things I use, I’m not a Professional Health Practitioner!

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

Yiur sense of humour, tolerance and patience.

3 key elements of coping and managing hospital situations!!!

I was in yesterday having a heart loop recorder fitted ( very sore chest today) but will be grand very soon.

Brought back lots of memories from my 11 week stay earlier in the year,. Some good some not so good and some hilarious



I agree, sometimes not always possible :scream::roll_eyes: … I was in on Wed seeing the Neurologist for first time …. and nearly blew a gasket :triumph:

Today am back to my serene self :thinking::thinking::vulcan_salute:

Aaargh that sounds painful @TRFCANDY53 …. Hope you’re taking it easy today :+1::hugs:

Take care

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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Also remember everyone to check you’ve put any spare ‘supports’ you may have, in your Grab and Go Bag, such as:

Wrist support
Ankle support
Knee support
Neck support/supportive pillow
Back support
Shoulder support
Plantar Fasciitis support
Elbow support
Any hand/feet support
Neck and back massager!!
Eye mask/cooler

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

Thanks Anne glad your red mist didnt last too long. And serene is a much better state to be in.
Its a lovely word too.

Yes im mostly resting today…wifes orders!!! Still get up washed and dressed… basic hygiene. And my very gentle squats and some ESA admin i need to send a few emails.

Hope your Friday is going ok

Andy xxx

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I agree … serenity and calmness :slightly_smiling_face::sparkles:

Glad your Wife is keeping an eye on you :+1: Definitely rest.

Me? I’ve slept for days

Taking it easy today as well

Take care @TRFCANDY53 and don’t overdo it!

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

Wisexwords Anne. Althiugh ive done somewashing up and tidied and cleaned up in the kitchen a bit snd done some admin tasks!!!

Salmon and stirfry noodles for tea… yum yum yum.

Andy xx

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:sparkles:Anne :sparkles: xx :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

@TRFCANDY53 you reminded me of another essential (well for me) … I only
drink Herbal Teas, so I’d have to have a good stock of those in my Grab and Go Bag!

I love Pukka Brand and they have teas such as Relax, Nighttime, Ginger etc :yellow_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart:

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

Ps you could also bring in a travel kettle, sachets of coffee/tea/milk and sugar :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Nice and cosy, almost like you’re at Home :thinking::smirk::hugs:

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

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