Got a cold and sore throat to add to my frustrationšŸ„²

My stroke was 17 months ago everyone says how well Iā€™m doing but I feel like shouting that I canā€™t see it myself especially with my left hand. I do exercises ever day but so fed up of them so stayed in bed all today for the first time since I came home last November. Iā€™m feeling guilty for doing that :flushed:hubby had a cold over the weekend :rage:I just feel like itā€™s something else Iā€™ve got to deal with. Has anyone here got a release with their weak hand .I can grip but not release despite all the work I put in :smiling_face_with_tear:does the hand feel different when it can open ?gosh Iā€™m sorry to moan coz I knowi all have problems but my tears have flowed again today .
Love and best wishes to all :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@christine2 i canā€™t help with the hand issue but just wanted to send you love & hugs and hope that tomorrow is a better day for you :heart::heart::hugs::hugs:

Stay strong.

Ann xx

Hi Chritine2. I know exactly what you mean! My stroke was 4 months ago and if anyone else says how well Iā€™m doing I think Iā€™ll hit them cause I canā€™t see it either! Iā€™m hobbling around the house with a stick but itā€™s such an effort. My left foot rolls over which puts me off walking as if my husband isnā€™t with me I will fall. The physios have given me a splint but really itā€™s not helping that much. My left arm and hand is a nightmare. I too have been doing the exercises for both my leg and arm but my arm will still wave around manically unless I hang on too it. My hand is stiff and although I can sort of pick certain things up I am quite likely to drop them and not realise Iā€™m not holding them anymore. So yes Christine I know exactly how you feel - there just seems no end to it all. Take care

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Hugs - itā€™s horrid isnā€™t it? And all those people (including my mothers neighbour who is a retired doctor and should know better) who say ā€œyou do look wellā€ - I could definitely hit them.
I canā€™t help with the hand problem, my main problem is still tiredness and balance, but definitely can relate to the frustration - have Covid at the moment

@christine2 just wanted to send you a big hug :hugs: we all have a moan now and then.

Take care

Just sending support and hugs. hang on in there. :sunflower: :sunflower:

Thank you all for your kindness and support still feeling rough today but hopefully be better tomoz :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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I know what you describe for your ability to grasp and release.
Mines the same
Itā€™s improving slowly. I do stuff everyday and use it for everything I almost can.
Iā€™m definitely making more progress now than a year ago but it isnā€™t even.

Learning how to relax the muscles not wanted is the major challenge. Havenā€™t found the way to equal the challenge yet

@FionaB1 hope you feel better soon & that covid hasnā€™t made you too poorly. Sending hugs xxxx

Thanks - it doesnā€™t seem to have any of its own symptoms at all - just made the stroke ones worse - weird! Seem to be getting over it now

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Iā€™ve got covid now :smiling_face_with_tear:feel rough

@christine2 oh no. Hope you feel better soon. Rest up & plenty of fluids xxx

@christine2 hope you feel better soon, big hugs, take care

Hi Christine2- I had my stroke 8 yrs ago, like you i still have problems with my left side. I can move my hand & fingers a little and wear a splint on my left leg as my foot slopes to the left leg. I have difficulty with my left shoulder as i fell whilst recovering, dislocating my shoulder, I know how frustrating it must be. In a morning i sit on the edge of the bed & try and do the excercises i have been shown, I also try to do things in a different way to what they tell you. It"s hard i know but did you have any hobbies before your stroke? I love to knit & found a way to keep knitting slightly different. I joined our local craft club but it"s a struggle sewing but i try with help from the other members plus i am lucky my husband helps me if a sewing machine is involved , i do the tacking there then bring it home & he machines it. I can manage with a steamer to cook a dinner but my husband does the meat. Although he has a heart condition (had since i have known him -married 53 yrs) between us we manage somehow. Keep trying & you will find your own way of doing things, so donā€™t give up. love Brenda

Thank you all so much for your get well messagesā€‹:smiley:I think Iā€™ve turned a corner ā€¦ throat better no temperature still a bit snotty but feel a lot brighter in myself :smiley::muscle: Iā€™ve bin exercising in my bed to keep moving so not feeling stiff or anything. Getting up and dressed today :muscle:yes I do have hobbies Iā€™m writing a book :flushed:started 2years b4 my stroke but Iā€™ve got going on it again which makes me very happy . Hope everyone is doing ok xx

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Thanku Brenda for your lovely message I was interested that you are 8 years after your stroke do you still feel improvements can happen ? After 17 months perhaps I shudnt get so frustrated with my hand and fingers ā€¦ some days I can move them a bit itā€™s the reaching out for something and picking it up Iā€™d like to be able to do physio says my arm and shoulder are strong enough .

@christine2 glad to hear youā€™re starting to feel better. Letā€™s hope the rest disappears quickly.

Writing a book tooā€¦wow thatā€™s amazing xx

Hi Christine
Iā€™m sending a huge hug.

Hi @christine2 i had/have this issue and my stroke was 4 years ago tomorrow Valentines Day :heart:. I have to watch my hand and concentrate, it doesnā€™t come naturally. If my hubby comes and takes my mug without warning we end up having a tug of war, he has to let go and allow me to give it to him. Itā€™s improved so much but still there. Although you donā€™t realise it you will have come so far sometimes it may help to write a diary of progress and goals.

All the best xx

@christine2 pleased to hear youā€™re feeling a little better