Good days, bad days

Last week I had some good days. feeling well and positive. This week I’m tired and generally quite negative and have had a couple of weepy, wobbly episodes.

Is this common (nearly three months from a mild TIA) ??


@Fib afternoon, I think it’s normal as if you do too much for a few days it can wipe you out for a few.

Secret is to pace yourself and listen to your body. I still have wobbly days and emotional and it’s 19 months since my stroke.

I wish you well kind regards Loraine

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Thankyou Lorraine :slightly_smiling_face: Reassuring to know.

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@Fib yes I think it’s normal. Over doing things can lead to feeling rough for a few days & this in turn can affect your mood & make you weepy.
3 months is still early days & your emotions are likely to be all over the place. It should settle in time.

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@Fib I’d say it’s usual, emotions can be all over the place in the early days post stroke.

As @Loshy and @Mrs5K mention, pace yourself, it’s all to easy to push too far too fast and wipe yourself out.

Best wishes, take care

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Shwmae @Fib, aye, I think all stroke survivors can relate to the swings and roundabouts of recovery. Our poor brains have to deal with a lot. Embrace the good moments, and weather the bad. :grinning: