Good days, bad days

Last week I had some good days. feeling well and positive. This week I’m tired and generally quite negative and have had a couple of weepy, wobbly episodes.

Is this common (nearly three months from a mild TIA) ??


Thankyou Lorraine :slightly_smiling_face: Reassuring to know.

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@Fib yes I think it’s normal. Over doing things can lead to feeling rough for a few days & this in turn can affect your mood & make you weepy.
3 months is still early days & your emotions are likely to be all over the place. It should settle in time.

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@Fib I’d say it’s usual, emotions can be all over the place in the early days post stroke.

As @Loshy and @Mrs5K mention, pace yourself, it’s all to easy to push too far too fast and wipe yourself out.

Best wishes, take care

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Shwmae @Fib, aye, I think all stroke survivors can relate to the swings and roundabouts of recovery. Our poor brains have to deal with a lot. Embrace the good moments, and weather the bad. :grinning:


Hi, 4 months post 2 strokes, and 1 x TIA 1 month ago, I have waves of sadness interspersed with bouts of highs which can last for 1 hour or all day. Although its all a bit visible to others I try to maintain equilibrium along the way…what is normal? The new normal … :slight_smile:

I believe this is an overlooked aspect of recovery. We focus so much on arms and legs that emotional health is sometimes neglected. In other words, its typically not something you “exercise” at. In short, ive made very little physical progress in the last year. However, ive made tremendous strides in mental strengrh. Im so much better at managing mood swings, of which their are many wild ones. Not unusual to experience every emotion all in one day! It takes time to learn these things and in many cases, A LOT more time than youd like. Best wishes from Jon.

@Chlodog you are so right there. I definitely focussed mainly on my physical recovery & it’s not until you stop focussing as much on that that you realise your mental health may have got left behind.

Glad you’ve made good progress with your mental strength.

Best wishes

Ann x