God Save the Queen



A sad day, she was a remarkable woman

Very remarkable. My husband served as a military man for 39 years very sad day indeed

Very sad news. I have never been a royalist but found it impossible not to have huge respect for her. X

Extremely sad day. She’ll be greatly missed by so many. May she rest in peace. Thank you for your years of service to is all xxx

Indeed to have served so long and so well a sad day may she rest in peace with her Lord who as a Christian she served still the end

God save the King, I suppose. :crown: :crown: :crown: :crown: :crown: :crown:

Bless you Ma’am :rose::heart::rose:


Phillip came to me today,
and said it was time to go.
I looked at him and smiled,
as I whispered that "I know.”

I then turned and looked behind me,
and seen I was asleep.
All my family were around me,
and I could hear them weep.

I gently touched each shoulder,
with Phillip by my side.
Then I turned away and walked,
with My Angel guide.

Phillip held my hand,
as he lead the way,
to a world where King’s and Queens,
are Monarch’s every day.

I was given a crown to wear
or a Halo known by some.
The difference is up here,
they are worn by everyone.

I felt a sense of peace,
my reign had seen its end.
70 years I had served my Country,
as the peoples friend.

Thank you for the years,
for all your time and love.
Now I am one of two again,
in our Palace up above. :heart::uk:


@Jordan @Loshy

Beautiful. They have both made me cry :cry: :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I think it might be time for the Announcement. Some of us have suspected it all along but it isn’t something you could talk about.
Yes ! ! or should that be No ! ! ?
The Queen is not dead, just moved aside so Camilla could step up.

A number of folk who had spotted Elvis at our local Chippy on occasions, have noticed that he now arrives, at said establishment, accompanied by Someone Else of the H.R.H. variety. Yes both Elvis and the Queen, as lively as ever, at our Chippy, each departing for who knows what destination with a bag of scraps and a carton of curry sauce.

What heartening news. Perhaps Her Majesty will be able to be in receipt of a telegram for reaching the grand one hundred year mark after all. I’m sure her new friend Elvis will be very pleased for her.