God save the Queen

Would never regard myself as a Royalist apart from the remarkable woman that has been our Queen for 70 years an incredible feat & one which we will never see the likes again
hearing of the fly past of 70 Aircraft including the Red Arrows @ 13:00
I took to my car & drove to Crystal Palace an advantage point looking over the city to watch this spectacle & wasn’t disappointed. 16 Helicopters :helicopter: WoW Apache,Merlins,Seacats . … Won’t bore you with the technical names . & of course cargo planes & jets a fly past would never be complete without the WW2 memorial flight consisting of the Lancaster,Spitfire, & the Hurricane . . The noise was fantastic from all aircraft involved . A wonderful a/noon it was .
If I may going back to our Queen it’s only when this lady’s in my conversation I use the word STOICISM . which I think sums up this truly amazing lady


She IS truly amazing.!

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Bet that was fantastic to see.

She is a remarkable lady. :blush::blush:

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I bow down to this remarkable woman. I’m scared she’s give up since her husband passed away! May she live longer as I think William should be king not Charles!! :crazy_face:

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I personally think the monarchy should be disbanded after this great lady passes on

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Totally disagree with you @Jordan

I’m glad we all have different opinions can you imagine what a world we’d live in . If we had the same notions …, yikes :joy:

End of monarchy? Could be the end of flypasts Jordan, happy with that?

Airshows would be a far better substitute than these distant fly-pasts magnificent as it was …

“ in my humble opinion :helicopter::+1:t6::helicopter:

Better still clear all this polluting junk from our skies and leave it to the BBB, birds butterflies and bees. Now a fly past of all the British raptors in formation, white-tailed sea eagle at front Merlin bringing up rear would float my boat

Hummmm :thinking:

Maybe …


Very good to see the coverage on TV also. Every channel has some angle on it for those that couldn’t get there. (Most people).
It definitely stirred up respect for the Queen, and I think she will remain in place until she goes rather than ‘retire’.
I’d rather have a non-intrusive Royal system than a Republic, any day, and we’ve managed with it for a thousand years.

Glad you enjoyed it.x


Can’t comment on the Queen as I am paternally descended from King Meuric of Dyfed, a rival Welsh king. :woozy_face:

It an odd one for me. The queen as done a great job as head of state but in principle we should be citizens not subjects however the system is better then having a voted head of state.

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Q Jordan? Explain the photo you posted are we to assume Her Majesty popped into the oxfam shop you volunteer in to buy some hand me downs and have a rummage ? Pds

took Lisa a very dear friend of mine to my favourite b/fast bar in Clapham where who did we see sitting at the table opposite eating here Marmalade sandwich & Earl grey tea was Liillibet as she’s called by close friend we know her as Our Queen so asked politely if it was possible for a photo . & … Bingo :+1:t6::joy:

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You don’t fool me whirlibirdman that was taken at waxwork museum ( can’t spell madame twoswords) Q. How long ago ? Pds

Taken only last Monday . I should of got Lisa to take the picture further away from the base . It’s a give away eh :joy::joy: