Getting up without use of hands

Hi everyone. Since my stroke nearly 5 months ago one of my exercises was to try ang get up from a chair with hands crossed on the chest only using legs. I have been trying to do this with the odd, very occasional success but today I have managed it every time . Seems like such a small thing but to me it’s a sure sign my legs are getting strong again. Let’s hope all the rest of me follows suit. Here’s to achieving small goals everyone! Hip hip hooray! Regards suzywong


Sounds similar to some of the leg strengthening exercises that I was taught in physiotherapy. I try to keep exercises like that in regular practice.

Well done Suzy @Suzywong i had those exercises given me too. Were very hard initially but got there in the end. Hope you have the same success every day now.

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Thanks . I know it’s a small thing but as you say hope I can keep doing it regards sue

@Suzywong it’s not a small thing really. I remember when I could do it I was so elated. Trying to get it right was the source of much angst for me.

Keep shouting about your achievements. We all love to hear about them.

Best wishes.


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I haven’t thought of trying that! Congratulations! I actually think of that as a big triumph! I need to strengthen my legs more. I promised myself I would be able to get up and down from the floor so I could return to baths rather than showers, and hopefully soon, kayaking. It was the first thing I taught myself once I was home. I am still proud of that. It is uncoordinated and not pretty to watch, but I can do it. Keep up the great work!

Hi Sue, that’s a great achievement, well done you. Any achievement is a good achievement in the world of stroke and we all love to hear about the achievements of others.

Sounds like we’ve all done that exercise at some point in our rehabilitation.

Well done and keep up the good work.

Regards Sue

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Well done. :+1::grinning: Everyone has their own personal goals and achievements in their journey

Wishing you all the best in your recovery :pray:

Joey in Stoke

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@Suzywong well done that’s really great :+1:

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@Suzywong brilliant news well done and keep going. Little steps build up. You’ve got this, on wards and upwards. Kind wishes Loraine

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Suzywong–I think that’s a great idea–something I think everyone at every age should be doing. I started doing that whenever I get up from a chair for about a month. I think as one gets older without thinking, we push ourselves up from our seat with the help of our hands/arms. It’s a bad habit. I want to avoid needing one of those mechanized push-up chairs for seniors as I get older by strengthening my leg muscles now. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

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:partying_face: Yaaay well done :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :smile: Isn’t it wonderful when you can see progress like that. Keep it @Suzywong next you’ll be taking your first steps on your road to recovery. Congratulations :smile:

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Thanks Ann . It’s so nice to get good wishes from a someone who knows how hard it has been


I agree Jeanne. Getting old is bad enough wx out having to resort to tools to help us wx it x

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Thanks to everyone who have taken the time to post . It means so much . Regards sue


Thanks to you


your achievement is inspiring.



Hi Bobbi thank you. It may seem such a small thing but it’s massive to me. Trying to balance on one foot without fingertip support is the next little goal love sue

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Hi Suzywong well done you as stroke survivor each step can be small one but to us it’s a massive achievement so we’ll done Tony you continue to achieve all goals along the way as I myself did not get any physio input til nearly eleven months after my stroke so had to get on with it myself I kept plugging away each day it and ok some time to reach each goal along way but the got there in the end I have since had some physio input which as helped me with my balance so now walking with much more confidence and continuing to try to reach further all time I try to manage at less 6000 steps per day but have doubled that on occasion so you keep going I know you can do it small steps at time take care stay safe all best


Balancing on one foot will come with practice. I just did it while reading Kaz61’s post…and I’m a slow reader :laughing: My current goal is to balance for 1 minute with eyes closed, I believe that’s a lot harder :smile:

This is a balance ball which I found very useful. In the beginning I used my floor brush for stability, particularly getting on and off it/stepping exercises.

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I just started vestibular therapy. standing on one foot is part of that. Perhaps we can work on it together? I have 9 seconds on my right foot (good side); 5 seconds and 7 seconds on my left. (I was allowed to try a second time). I never knew I was so competitive, but if it is with myself, I guess its a good thing. I have a balance ball but am afraid of it. What are the straps on it? Maybe that would help, or maybe I would accidently hang myself with them.

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