Getting pregnant after a stroke

I am 22 years old and had a ischaemic stroke 5 weeks ago. Me and my partner are wanting to have another baby however I am taking clopidogrel. Has anyone got pregnant after having a stroke and how was their pregnancy? Also I’m aware you can’t take clopidogrel when pregnant so is there an alternative I could take? The cause of the stroke is still unknown as no tests/scans have came back with anything.

Hi Ebony @ebonydickinson sorry to hear about your stroke, here’s wishing you all the best for your rehabilitation journey.

I think the best people for you to speak to are those at your Stroke Team/clinic or Consultant/GP as they will be able to advise what alternative medication is available for you to take whilst pregnant.

Different Strokes may have advice about being pregnant following a stroke as they are primarily a charity set up to help younger stroke survivors, though I’m sure there will be someone at the Stroke Association who could help you with this too.

Best wishes.

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