Getting more self-sufficient

Taking stock.
Just completed a whole day on my own looking after myself, it makes me feel cheered bu also saddened by how far I have fallen from the pre stroke capability, bu in the years to come I can only improve which is good. This time last year it could not have been considered an option so my lovely wife can go to her concert with her daughter :relaxed:, back tomorrow afternoon


@mrfrederickson that’s a huge step in the right direction, think on the positive side, both you and your wife are gaining independence again :+1:

@mrfrederickson, well done! that’s something that non SS would certainly not appreciate but it is a great achievement and I’m sure will be appreciated by your wife & daughter.

Mr F. This is a big step forward. She wouldn’t leave you alone without knowing you can manage.

@mrfrederickson thats a massive achievement well done to you. Here’s to many more days where you can cause mischief on your own :grin:

Yes and no . I still cannot step outside the house or travel on public transport on my own, worse than a child it’s so humiliating

Well done it’s a big step the first if many the road to recovery is a long one be kind to yourself with kind regards des

It’s a massive step forward you should feel a real sense of achievement. You should have invited us all ‘round :grinning:

You’re doing very well, for the first year of my recovery, I was housebound, and had to make my world an inside world. I mainly saw the outside world from a window. However, I put that world aside and turned to other things, started indoor hobbies that I can turn to when having a poorly week.

Good to hear your news Fredrickson Remembered when I first ventured out, bit of a wobble and blurred vision and hangover from hell. Wife was seriously wondering if she could buy a toddler restraining harness for a 72 year old. Almost two years on am now confident enough to cross busy country road still with blurred vision. Next challenge to get on a bus when I get my pass then the worlds my oyster.

Evening @mrfrederickson. A new first. Well done. I am sure there will be more. It’s hard not to compare where you are compared to prestroke but like you are doing, you can see your progress. Keep going :blush: Julia x

Well done a great achievement. I was very anxious when I was first left on my own but even now when I am on my own I like to have my mobile phone within easy this gives me a sense of support.

Yes I too Ike my mobile to hand with friends and family checking on me throughout my period of independence :rofl: