Gastric reflux

I had my stroke 4 months ago and still have almost constant gastric reflux which makes it difficult to digest food and wakes me up during the night. GP prescribed me peptac in addition to lansoprazole which I was already taking. I have existing hiatus hernia and Barrett’s esophagus which didn’t bother me much before the stroke.
I was just wondering if this problem is common after stroke and does it need treatment or will it clear eventually. Thank you.

@scott.mcque hi I do have gastric reflux but the lansoprazole seems so help 20 mgs you can take 40mgs. I hope you get sorted best wishes Loraine

Thanks Loraine. Quick question. Did you have it before stroke also?

I also had a pre-existing hiatus hernia which wasn’t much bother before the stroke. I had since had a lot more symptoms including vomiting, although it’s been more of a problem in the day than the night. My theory, and it’s only a guess but one that my GP seems happy to go along with, is that the problem is three fold. I do have the hiatus hernia. An additional scope because of the vomiting found no other problems but a CLO test revealed pre-ulcerous bacteria. Those were dealt with by a course of antibiotics, and the hiatus hernia, and side effects of my Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin, are now kept at bay with Lansoprazole. I still get a bit windy and I think that’s because I’m not swallowing 100% correctly and because I’m still a bit dizzy. I try to eat as slowly as is reasonable and to have small meals fairly regularly rather than a big blow out. I also have my evening meal quite early (about 5pm) and don’t have anything after that. These measures seem (touch wood) to be working. I hope that you find what works for you.

Yes about 3 years before @scott.mcque

Thank you for your answer which is very helpful. I’m glad you’re feeling better. I will see stroke doctor his week and request a scope if possible otherwise see my GP.

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@scott.mcque i had the scope and was away when they did this. I advise if you have it to be drugged as the gagging when awake is not nice. Good luck Scott

Thanks Loraine. I had a scope last year with the sedative and was fine. I advise anyone to request it.

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