Gardening post-stroke

Hi Pinewander many moon rises ago had bright idea to visit Chile with gardening chum their flora fantastic. Money needed so collected seed from famous monkey puzzle Ave @Castle Kennedy in Scotland to finance trip grew 20 then sold few at £25 each few years later 4 5/6’s for £200 each.Then my bubble burst when my teenage sons discovered my plan and pointed out the family had not had decent holiday for years sand I proposed having a boozing botanical jaunt . Boy did family give me a good verbal kicking. Money put in family piggy. Woodmen in New Forest always carried a bit of Pinewood in their pockets to start fires. They lovingly called it ‘Turpy wood’


About five years ago, I planted a Lagarostrobos franklinii (Huon Pine), it grows 2mm every year. I fear, I may never sit beneath it, but perhaps I can sit next to it and we can look each other in the eye.

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You two are a pair of wise old sticks ain’t ya (although @Rups will have to forgive me as I fear I may be older than he)…

Araucaria araucana…I have one but she’s never been happy with me, constantly seems to be struggling to get going.
There’s a village on the A4120 south side of the Rheidol valley that’s quite high up called Capel Seion, every third house there has a mokey puzzle in it’s garden and some are quite grand.

hmm Pinewander, hahaha I see what you’ve done there you wisely stick Paul.

The manager from Longwood came and took the little Scottys away and gave us the tip an wink about the Western Red Cedar and Douglas, we’ll have to wait a year for their TWIG grant to come home to roost but by all accounts we should have ourselves a lovely little job growing near 30k more coniferacae…So if you two wise old boys are looking for work, I can probably keep you busy. hehe.

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Keep your orbs peeled for the pine bolete, it may just get a whiff of your conifers and move in.

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That sounds like an exciting project @Pontwander

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