FORUM GAMES - Place Names

Okehampton - town in Devon and on the edge of Dartmoor National Park

Pleasure Beach, area of fast rides and thrills in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

Quicksand - a place you must never go to

Playing monopoly board games



Shrewsbury where I was born :smiley:

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More thinking people that’s what it’s all about!!!
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Tidworth down south not up north

University of Strathclyde up there in Scotland

Villarreal - a city on the east coast of Spain

Westminster Cathedral

X marks the spot where the repair team needs to drill yet another hole in the road and then put cones round it for 3 weeks.

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York minster lovely place to visit :wink:

Zurich is a modern Swiss city with a perfect location in Central Europe.

Altnaharra - a village in the far north of Scotland. Situated on a vast moorland, the village often records some of the coldest temperatures in Britain (-27C has been recorded there).

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Birmingham…many of them around the world.

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Beaches sunny hot and warm

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Colne - a town in the Pendle area of East Lancashire

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Danube River

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I hope to cruise it one day before long.