Flu and Covid jabs

I second (or is that third fourth or fifth) all the posts that say it’s personal choice .

I also think the equation in risk exposure has changed markedly since March April 2020, the same time in 2021 and the likely death profile in 2024. Some graphs are available on many websites including Here

I shall have my jabs (or in Scottish vernacular jags). There is a statistical correlation between covid jabs and infections and unintended consequences. There is also a statistical correlation between covid and long covid.

Some time ago the daily telegraph published statistics that showed the most likely reasons for admission to a&e at hospital was number one stairs number two trousers. Ive yet to meet anybody who doesn’t wear trousers as a result or has had the stairs removed from their house and refuses to use them in public buildings etc. Personally I also note that pretty much all accidents happen after getting up from bed in the morning - that has not yet been a reason for my languishing in it all day.

So the balance isn’t between risk and no risk. The balance is between one risk and another. the statistical likelihood is that the covid jab will not give you a problem and that covid is less likely to kill you now than it was in 2020. But statistically the average person is unlikely to have a stroke and yet here we all are

None of these choices will reduce your exposure to the apocryphal red bus! Indeed going to the vaccination centre may actually increase your red bus risk!




Interesting what you said: My mother had her stroke getting out of bed in the early morning hours. We’re not sure if she fell, or if she had a spontaneous brain bleed. There were no bruises on her head, so we’re thinking it was spontaneous because the bleed was very deep in her brain. Her stroke was from having severely low platelets in her bloodstream. But, again, we don’t know anything for sure.

As far as flu vaccines, again, it’s up to the person. I really don’t have the answers. I just know that my mother’s doctor was against her getting vaccines because of her autoimmune blood disease (aplastic anemia).

Take care.

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Hi Simon your post really made me smile! You have such a wonderful way wx words and you obviously research everything! You are a marvel! I’m still undecided but think I’ll wait to see if this new variant gets worse. The trouble is the drs don’t know what caused my stroke and that , for me, is worrying. I agree that it is a case of risk but I think I’ll take my chances. I’ll have the flu jab but hold on the Covid and see what happens. I just know that I couldn’t face this journey again as I’m still not anywhere near the end of this one many thanks for your thoughts love sue x



You also have a good way of putting a perspective across but not being over the top so thanks.

And I fully agree!! Simon always comes up with something to help

@SimonInEdinburgh - luv ya mate


No, the trouble is, all it takes is for a tiny bit of scab, from something as small as paper cut even, to get into your bloodstream to cause a clot that can cause you to have a stroke. Ok, the odds are minute but that’s why doctors won’t always know why you had a stroke. Just like they know people get cancer/are at risk of getting cancer but they don’t know why they get it. Just as they don’t know why some people have adverse side effects to certain medications whilst others don’t. It’s just another of life’s great mysteries.

I respect and appreciate your reasons for not having the booster, and no one says you have to have it! You just be sure to keep yourself safe by taking all the usual precautions against covid and you’ll be fine.


Thanks for your msg emerald. I will take care love suex


Thanks so much . I really like “ talking” with people here. You are all so helpful and kind . Love sue x


Hi @Suzywong! I had my first TIA 12hrs after my 1st COVID jab. I have this year’s in October. I’ve told the Vax centre and they still made an appointment. I’m happy but a nagging doubt at the back of my mind. I try and keep it in perspective. Not easy. I could fall down the stairs, get hit by a car etc too. Thanks for your post.
Kind regards, Ian.


Hi Ian,

There are times when it might not be a good idea to get a vaccine - for example, people with certain autoimmune diseases, weak immune systems right after stroke, heart attack, etc. It’s just my opinion. But for everyday healthy folk - I am for it, most of the time.

It’s great to see that people on here have different perspectives, but go about sharing it in a respectful and caring way. You don’t see that on other forums.

As I’ve said before - do what YOU think is right for you.

Take good care.


Hello @Matthew. Thanks for that. Feel a bit more positive now😊. In a fog just now so difficult to think of anything thing else to say. Appreciate you making the effort to reply👍 Regards, Ian.


Thanks @sunnyday. Encouraged by that. :slightly_smiling_face: Ian.


Here’s what the SA said in 2022 about; for anyone who hasn’t read it:

Stroke risk and vaccines

Can Covid-19 increase my risk of a stroke?

Covid-19 gives you a 20 times higher risk of a stroke in the first few weeks after having Covid-19. Your risk stays slightly high for about a year after infection. This was discovered through research funded by the Stroke Association. You can read an article about this research.

Just clarifying what I think is already said

“Catching covid increases your susceptibility to stroke.”

So that doesn’t clarify any of the other dimensions of the inequality

Is suseptability independent of whether you’ve already had a stroke ?

While we’d be susceptible to a stroke post covid will that be moderated If you’re already on appropriate medication?

I think there’s another few unstated relationships but I can’t work them out because of had too much cognitive challenge in the last 2 days babble babble gurglee phut!


Hello All,

Just to report I had my covid booster 5 last week as I think I’ve already mentioned and had no discerning side effects…

Today I had my flu jab and will report back

Keep cool :polar_bear: :wink:

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My wife and I had both our flu and covid jags yesterday .

We both have sore arms today but no other issues. :slight_smile:

This is the first time I’ve had a jag in my right arm since the stroke. I managed to relax a muscle enough for the injection :slight_smile: otherwise it might have been one of the armour went in the bum!

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Had soreish arm for 36 hours post covid. (about 10 days ago)

Nothing post flu! (4 days)


:polar_bear: :wink:

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My brother nearly died from the early version of COVID when vaccines didn’t exist. His airways began to close and as a result he could not yell out. He puts his survival down to using a blue inhaler. To this day he can’t quite believe that was not suggested as a precaution.

I will be getting a booster. For the people having boosters any recent ish stroke is almost bound to be some time after a booster.

What I found interesting is that the “Spanish” flu that killed millions (they were one of the only countries free to report it) in 1919 had a very similar response to covid. Swap social media for people with sandwich boards and deniers for, well deniers, it’s oddly the same behaviour by some sections of the population.
The flu of 1919 is the one perhaps most remembered but it actually came in waves and lasted until 1929.


Hello all, hope you are all diddling ok as can be. Wife and I are having our Flu Jabs tomorrow then Covid Booster on Sunday!

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We had ours at 14:06! Thought I was a very precise appointment :slight_smile: We both had both of them for the same time One in each arm and we were both saw for three days - both still tender today which is the 4th day.

I’d say good luck but you don’t really need luck & have fun doesn’t seem appropriate either so I’ll steal bobby’s keep on keeping on