Best and neater way is fold the edges first and press with an iron then fold and press once again. Then machine along your edges all way round.
So that one in the pic needs to folding and pressing then stitching again to conceal the raw edges. Good job with your first attempt, keep on with it, its a great hobby as well as an exercise in dexterity :smile:


Diolch yn fawr @EmeraldEyes, aye, I did that with the next one and it was much better. As Bobbi would say, I shall keep on keep’n on :grinning:

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Hi Loshy

You seem to have had everything thrown at you, most of us get a few things but wow. The good thing is you seem to be taking it well and that is half the battle. You might find joining a fibromyalgia support group helpful, as they usually know what is and isn’t possible, as well as what will help and where to get it. I know from friends who have had the disease rest helps and not pushing yourself. Keep up the positivity that you have, even, if some days it is really hard. I don’t plan to do more than one or two meet ups in a week and that works for me. Plus a friend got me to make/dictate a list of everything I did, little things like, cleaned teeth, bathed, made a cup of tea, answered the phone etc as well as the bigger things. On days when I felt I had achieved very little or was exhausted and didn’t know why, it really helped.

Good luck

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@MarilynW hi and thank you for the kind words. I’m thinking of joining a fibromyalgia group. Now you have said this I’ll do it today.
Keep going :hugs:

Hi @Rups - I like this repurposing. I am a hoarder and rarely throw anything away. I have T-shirts that are more than 20 years old and now the material is weak and tears easily. As a result I have noe “designer” T-shirts :slight_smile:
Keep going.

Hey @Loshy Loraine,
Just wanted to say thank for sharing your experiences and I am sure they are helping many amongst us. I find them useful, supportive and inspiring.

I am not sure if you might already have considered alternative therapies such as reiki or if there are any such options. The NHS as good as it is, only can offer and do so much. It is just a thought - my apologies if it is not something you would wish to consider.

I don’t have anything to offer but send you love and hugs :hearts: :pray: :hugs:


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@ManjiB hi and thank you for your kind words I take your hug, love and flower with many thanks.

I’ve tried reiki but nothing helps it just costs which I can do with out.

I’m on my own now as the fibromyalgia is nothing they can do I just have to listen to my body and rest as we do with a stroke. It’s a nuisance as somedays I cannot walk with pains and I get so cross with myself it’s actually spoiling my quality of life .

Hope you are keeping well and recovery is going well for you.

My kindest regards,

Loraine :hugs:

Hi Loraine @Loshy ,

You’re not quite on your own - we are here to offer you support in any way we can, even if it’s only moral support :slight_smile: .

Cost is indeed an important factor especially now and sometimes it’s hard to keep investing when there are no immediate or obvious signs of progress or comfort. We tried Reiki for Mum but it wasn’t right for her.

Your condition fibromyalgia is new to me and I just read up on it. I expect you already know this, but in case you don’t there are a couple of help groups :
Fibromyalgia Action UK
UK Fibromyalgia.

It seems that exercise is probably the best aid if you are able to take exercise. I guess exercise and diet are often cited as the best aids to improve overall quality of life and so if you can do it and better still enjoy it then that is a step in the right direction.

Hopefully with the summertime we may get some good weather and you will be able to enjoy some time in the garden etc.

I am keeping well - I am a carer for my Mum who is the Stroke Survivor. She has done remarkabky well and all things considered, she is still going strong. We are now in her 5th year post-stroke and she is in her early 90s. Communication remains one of the biggest challenges and keeping her PEG healthy and free from infection is the other major challenge.

We wish you all the best.

:dove: and :four_leaf_clover:
Peace and Love.

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@ManjiB thank you for your lovely kind words and encouragement. Also the links. I have been in touch with them but thank you anyway.

Your first link takes me to adverts and second to a magazine just letting you know.

Your mum has done so well thanks to your support for her I’m sure.

Yes I’m looking forward to the warmer weather, we had sunny weather today but it is bitterly cold here in Cumbria.

Thanks for sharing kindest regards Loraine x