I haven’t been on for a while but I still love reading all of your articles on here it gives me hope…
Anyway I’m feeling sorry for myself, I don’t know if it’s because of my stroke, but last week I had gastroenteritis really badly so that did me in for the week and now I’ve got an awful cold, one that just lingers and lingers, I’ve no energy my husband keeps trying to get me out walking but I just can’t be bothered. Since I’ve got back from holiday I just want to stay in my little bubble of a house. Going out everyday on holiday was brilliant, most days we walked around 15 thousand steps now I don’t even want to walk to the end of the road. I know my cold is getting me down and I’ve got to try, but is it stroke fatigue has anyone else felt so rubbishy after an illness not stroke related.


Hi Kenmore, I’m fairly new to the forum
Doesn’t have to be stroke related, it could just be the winter blues most other people are experiencing. But you’re probably just at a low ebb as a result of the gastro and your cold, that double whammy will do to you as would the cold alone. So don’t go borrowing worries :wink:

Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles…especially the core muscles :laughing: and increases the endorphins as well as strengthens our immune system. It does a heck of a lot more than you realise. So why not just dip into the SS-Fun-Posts and give yourself a bit of laughter therapy, it does work :wink: :grin:

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@Kenmore winter or weather blues doesn’t help. I’m not getting out either at the minute. Great you had a fantastic holiday and walked everyday.

I think after being ill and now a lingering cold it can make you feel worse. The crocuses and daffodils are starting to wake up so hang in there spring is just about on us and this cold spell in weather will soon be gone.

Keep going onwards and upwards from me to you :hugs::hugs:


I agree with what everyone has said, take care, you will feel better soon I hope.

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@Kenmore sorry you’re feeling rough after a lovely holiday. I’m sure once you feel better you’ll feel more like going out again. The bugs doing the rounds this year do seem to be taking an age to go. Also, if i get anything it does seem to make my stroke symptoms worse.
If you do go for a walk you’ll probably feel a bit better. I drag myself out some days and i do always feel better for it.
Feel better soon.
Best wishes.

Ann xx

Shwmae @Kenmore, last weekend was my youngest son’s birthday weekend. We went to the beach on Saturday and did a chilly coastal walk. Then on Sunday, we spent two hours in an indoor water park and walked to a restaurant afterwards. Monday was presents and a comfort meal. By Tuesday, I felt awful, Wednesday I lounged around and couldn’t escape my bed until 2 pm. Today, same story, bed until 2 pm. No motivation, no confidence, no hwyl. I reflected on what I had done that weekend and I think I need to acknowledge that I overloaded my brain and bulldozed it forward. I can imagine that it is still reeling from all that stimulus. Sometimes it can last a few days, sometimes a week, but I have often found that it reliably knocks me out.

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Yes Mrs5k dragging ourselves out some days is a major effort ,motivation is my made problem at present but like Rups often advises ‘ summon up the sleeping Viking or Amazon. When it works I’m cock a hoop😊

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Thankyou so much
The pictures put a real smile on my face x

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Autopilot is my buddy for those non motivational days. When I’m not feeling like going out for a walk or the gym, I have to just stop what I’m not doing anyway, switch brain to autopilot and go where it leads me :laughing:

Sorry but that’s the only way I know how to describe it. I have to just stop myself thinking about whatever I’m not mood in the mood to do; am I switching off that feeling or emotion in my psyche or something, I’m not sure. All I know is its not my brain wanting to shut down for a nap. I think its an effect of my stroke, it’s not something I could before :thinking:

I’m in more or less the same position as you. I came back from my holiday and came down with Covid. Along with the rubbish weather I went from 15000 steps to about 3000 steps. Apart from the illness, It’s seasonal. I know that when the weather gets better I will too. I drag myself out of the house, but it’s tough!