Feeling worse

Ok so 10 days after discharge I’ve come away for the weekend (long planned) but I feel dreadful, tiredness like I’ve never known, queasy and the numbness on my right side (hand and foot mostly) is no better.

I feel worse than when I left hospital and all I can really do is lie down.

Is it ever normal to feel worse after leaving hospital? I thought I’d start to feel better by now.

@DDMH hi I think you just need to take each day as it comes. I remember feeling on and off like you and the nauseous feeling for 4 to 5 months. Fatigue plays a big part as you need to gage how much you can do. It does ease with time. Wishing you best wishes and it’s early days still. So be kind to yourself. Loraine :grinning:


@DDMH it can be very usual to feel worse than when you were discharged. I experienced this about 8 days after discharge & ended up back in A&E & readmitted to hospital. Thankfully nothing found & was eventually told its part of the recovery process.
It may be that you are suffering fatigue after going away for the weekend. I know at that early stage I had severe fatigue that knocked me off my feet after doing next to nothing. I could never have gone away for the weekend.
You are still at very early days in your recovery & will get good & bad days. Try not to push yourself too hard as you may regret it later & set yourself back. Listen to your body. Hopefully if you rest for remainder of today you’ll be able to enjoy the weekend.
Of course if you are worried then get yourself checked over.
Best wishes x


Hi @DDMH as the others have said you’re in the very early stages of recovery, there’s still lots of repair work going on in your body.

You’ll need to rest frequently, post stroke fatigue hits hard and it can be quite debilitating.

Rest up and hopefully you’ll feel better tomorrow, as @Mrs5K mentions, if you are really concerned get checked over by a doctor.

Best wishes, take care


Hi there. I never noticed my post stroke fatigue in hospital, but the first day home I felt terrible. For some weeks, I could do very little and was low in mood. The fingers on my weak hand felt terrible pain in bed at night and my weak leg still spasmed.

However, I did have physio support at home and did all exercises religiously. I also realised recovery was going to take much longer than I thought. I insisted on a short break away a month after leaving hospital but it wasn’t very successful. Six years on, I still need daily naps but can do so much more than I did. I think my advice is to bear with things, exercise, do what you can, but don’t have unrealistic expectations of a quick recovery.also remember that you are not alone.


Often then leaving hospital and going home you can feel a worse and fatguied because you are often doing more like just every day tasks. It takes time to recover and this is ongoing for months and years. Take each day as it comes ,often fatguie is the hardest thingtohandle with kind regards des


Your brain is trying to heal itself with a lot of rewiring taking place and this takes time and energy. I think it’s normal to underestimate recovery time. Just take it easy and allow time to be the great healer. You will have some remaining after effects so be prepared.
Best of luck :+1: