Feeling so scared…

Hi there, new and scared here.

Had a small bleed last week that presented as
a bit of a numb hand and foot. After getting my very high blood pressure down, was discharged with meds after 3 nights on Monday but I’m back in A&E right now so scared because the numbness has got worse and I’m so scared I’m going to have another bigger, stroke.

I can’t seem to eat (to churned up) and the drs told me to stop taking my antidepressants when I was admitted last week (cold turkey) I’m not dealing with this all too well.

You guys all seem to be so brave I’m just so rubbish and want my Mum!

@DDMH welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had a bleed. I totally understand why you feel scared especially as you have worsening symptoms. Hopefully they’ll check you over completely & ensure you’re on all the correct treatments before sending you home.
Anxiety is normal in this situation. I think we have all felt this. I ended up back in A&E a week after being discharged as I had worsening symptoms and was scared I was having another stroke. It turned out not to be and the worry every time you feel a different or stronger version of your symptoms, does ease over time.
I’m with you on needing your mum………we all want our mum at difficult times. I know I do.
Take very good care of yourself. Please post on this forum. Everyone here is great with their advice and offering support. No question is a daft one.
Take care xx

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@DDMH we all need our Mum’s at our weak points. Completely understand and recognise the feelings you are having. Hope it all works out for you. Sending virtual hugs :hugs:

@DDMH hi welcome to our forum. I second everything @Mrs5K said. You need checking over. It’s very scary we have all been there. I hope it goes well for you. I had my HRT stopped and went cold turkey last year it was an awful feeling so I sort of understand. I’m sorry your going through this awful time. Stay strong sending positive thoughts and best wishes Loraine :blush:

Hello and welcome @DDMH though so sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke.

I know how you’re feeling, (as do the others on this forum that have had a stroke) it’s a scary time, hopefully they’ll get you sorted out quickly with medication and any necessary treatment.

Wishing you all the very best, we’re here if you need to chat, big hugs :hugs::hugs:

Hi DDMH – We’ve all been there. At first it is all very scary–out-of-this-world scary. But, as time goes on you will likely find that the doctors will take good care of you and you’ll get good treatment and medications that are needed to bring about good health. It’s like a tunnel you’re going through, full of unknowns. But, you’ll come out the other side into the sunshine and realize you can handle it. And we’re all here for you. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

As the others have said, it’s very scary when you’ve had a bleed, because anything that happens in the subsequent days and weeks gets heightened by stress and the fear of another stroke. The stress levels do go down eventually (for me it was about 6 months, but everyone is different). The medical team there will be aware of your history, so you are in good hands. (I was rushed to hospital on blue lights about 2 months after my stroke because I felt as though I was having palpitations- no problem was found - I think I ate my pizza too fast - shows what panic can do to you!)

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Thank you so much for all these replies - I’ve only just seen them (I obviously haven’t got some notification or other turned on!

It’s so good to know I’m not alone and the pizza story made me smile.

I was just starting to get a little scared again but feel more relaxed now I’ve read your responses.

I’d really like to try and get some physio to help with the numbness ASAP - has anyone tried it?


Physio is great! I was totally paralyzed on my left side. With good physio and hard work on my part, I can now walk a mile a day and play the ukulele and piano. In the hospital they used a tens unit on my foot, leg and hand and arm to stimulate the nerves. I seen them to buy on the internet for a reasonable price. They come in all strengths, etc. so you’d have to researach what would be needed.:slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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welcome. Sorry to hear that you’ve had a Stroke. There was no post discharge physio for me as I’ve made quite a good psysical recovery (just a few balance issues and a bit of a lazy right hand) and I live in a fairly remote area with scarce resources so I have made use of the Stroke Association Physio videos and enjoy doing them at home

found them - I think Stroke recovery exercises | My Stroke Guide

Thank you I’ll take a look

Hi there

Is it usual to feel worse some days. I’m 2 weeks tonight post my bleed and not feeling so good today. Yesterday I went for a walk in the sunshine and managed ok but today the numbness feels worse and I just want to curl up.

I can’t seem to get interested in anything, got all the TV streaming services but nothings taking my fancy.

I also feel embarrassed that I didn’t look after myself as well as I should have done to have this happen to me at a relatively young age.

Such a lot going on - I’m trying to sort some neurophysio and some counselling (1st session booked for Weds) I just feel I need to do something which is hard at the weekend.

Am I scared that I might not be able to do anything?

Sorry about this - did anyone else face all this stuff early on?


@DDMH yes of course we did. Every day can be very different, my guess is maybe you did to much yesterday. Fatigued is the normal with us SS. Make sure you drink plenty of water, take your medication and rest on days when you cannot be bothered. We all still have days like this still. I’m 14 months post stroke and I still have off days when I think no, I cannot do this and cancel stuff. Never feel guilty we all look after our bodies best we know and can. Wishing you lots of luck in recovery and it’s early days for you. Kind regards stay strong look forward to more chatting Loraine :blush:

Also like to add most of us have gone off some of our old hobbies and interests, but we all seem to be finding new ones which suit us better now! Also a change is good as a rest isn’t that right @Mrs5K @Mahoney @JuliaH :blush:

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Hi @DDMH my emotions and thoughts were all over the place in the beginning, I think how you’re feeling is quite natural, it’s a big shock to the system and a lot to process and take on.

The counselling should help, well it did for me.

As Lorraine @Loshy mentions fatigue is a huge thing to manage post stroke, energy levels are up and down from one day to the next or sometimes from hour to hour. You’ll learn to listen to your body and plan activities or tasks to include rest breaks, as doing too much without pacing yourself often leads to a crash and the fatigue takes over.

I was always on the go pre stroke and I still have to curb the tendency to rush headlong into whatever I’m doing, I’m coming up to 9 months, (on 4 June) and I have to stop and take a rest.

Your stamina will hopefully increase as the weeks go by, your brain is still healing, it takes time.

Wishing you all the very best, take care


Thank you

It is so good to have you to talk to.

Fatigue really is so usual in those who have had a Stroke. I never knew that and don’t think there is nearly enough awareness of it. Perhaps with Long Covid people will start to research or treat it, or even just learn to accept it, a bit better. You are doing well to have gone for a walk so soon. Have a rest and perhaps do nothing at all today and then you will probably have more energy tomorrow but recovery certainly can feel like “Two steps forward, one step back”

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Hi @DDMH , sorry to have you join our ranks as none of us wanted to be a SS (well the survivor bit yes!).
As others have said everything you are experiencing is along the same lines we went through. I certainly was all over the place with emotions (hardly surprising considering the massive shock to the system). I initially had no movement/feeling in my left leg & arm. Nearly a year on leg and arm work but can’t feel my finger tips or much of my foot. Still have some numbness in my mouth an a few other parts but you do get used to it and can manage perfectly well. I didn’t really have anxiety pre stroke but several months after it hit me big time and I was panicking over everything and very frightened. I’m now on a low dose antidepressant which helps a lot
You are so early in your recovery journey (I was still in hospital at this point) so try to stay positive and you will make good progress. I won’t pretend that there won’t be a few bumps along the way but you will learn to navigate them and realise how much you are improving

I wish you all the best and don’t forget to check in with us for any advise or just for a chat :grinning:
Keep smiling.

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Thank you Mark everyone is so kind to take the time.

you are not rubbish, and my husband had a major stroke on October 20 2018. He was in hospital for a month, then rehab, and has made a virtually complete recovery, with only a slight limp to show he had a stroke. I understand your fears completeley. My Frank had smoked 20 a day for at least 40 years, and was unable to quit once he got down to the last 3 a day. Following the stroke he quit overnight because the doctor told him he would be in a wheelchair if he didnt.
My advice to you is - listen to the medics, and take what they say you should.
Try to live a healthier life- plenty of fresh veggies and fruit, 9 i do Slimming World and they recommend two thirds of your plate should be veg, 1 third carbohydrate 1 third protein, ( all visible fat cut off the meat), and cooked in low calory frying spray such as fry lite.
in addition to this I will get some prayer organised anonymously for you, because as believers in Christ we found that this is what got us through. in church we sing a song You take all my sin away, turn my darkest night to brightest day.
I say anonymously because I realise you may have a different faith, or have no faith, but I know prayer works, So I would like to Ask God to calm your fears. if you don’t want me to pray let me know and your wishes will be respected. May God bless you. Stacey Timms