Feeling nervous now …

have had a few Strokes in past few months ... plus a poss one a couple of weeks ago ... and GP just tried to send me to A and E thru 111, as looks like had another TIA!

Was turning to get something by the front door yesterday, and fell into the wall! Thankfully managed to put my hand out so didn't bang my head. But completely had lost my balance, and my feet had got all confused. So frustrating isn't it? Then today I couldn't remember a number I've been ringing for decades ... very upsetting. And had another 'missing moment' ... if that makes sense. 

I'm definitely getting concerned now about what I 'shouldn't' be doing ... Will speak to my own GP on Mon, but any ideas in the meantime would be great. Does anyone know anything about these 'missing moments' thing? It's as if I blan out ople of seconds of what's going on around me! ??

Dear ZX

There are transient strokes (TIAs) and full strokes.

TIAs are not permanent, but a full stroke is permanent.

Ignore TIAs at your own peril. They are often a warning as to what might follow.

Full strokes often result in paralysis, which you do not want to encounter. Your recent loss of control over your feet might be a final warning. I hope it's just a warning.

Full strokes mess with your brain, for instance, wiping out memories or worse.Your recent "missing moments" could be a final warning. 

when you suffer any of these episodes you need to rest. Please take full complete rest and let your brain recover. Relax, get away from any stress. Take an aspirin, but wait for your GP advice on the aspirin front.

some years ago I had several TIAs  when I couldn't remember things and I became dizzy, unsteady on my feet. I did not know they were TIAs I thought they were mega migraines. Then the full stroke hit.

Paralysis, total memory loss, and loss of ability. My whole persona has gone. Please please do not join in the full stroke club. 

best wishes







That sounds very unpleasant Des I should rest as much as you can until you see your GP on Monday sorry I cannot be of more help. I think your mind going blank is quite common I often dont remember something that is obvious and wait and it usually comes back. Its best not to think about it and it will suddenly come to mind. Norma. 

Dear Norma

As we age, we can be forgetful. Hurrying in to the kitchen then not knowing why we went there. If we distract our thoughts or look around or retrace our steps then we remember why we went in to the kitchen.

Then there is loss of memory due to a stroke. Very subtle difference, except finding oneself in the kitchen will not result in remembering the purpose. The stroke has wiped out memories and they don't come back. Whether it's the memory or whether it's the bit of brain that stores the memory I do not know.

I can now tell whether I will recall the reason for being in the kitchen or not. Very subtle difference, but I do now know which is which.

the stroke that got me completely wiped many months, possibly years, of memory. Shortly before stroke I built a twenty foot stand, erected a weather station on top. I also planted a new asparagus bed. I can not recall doing these things. I keep a diary so I looked up and found I had indeed done these things.

goodness knows what else was wiped. 

I can however check the weather each day and I can enjoy lots of asparagus in the spring.

best wishes


Hi Norma,

Your message appeared as a reply to my message! It appears to be for Des? Unless I'm not understanding this Forum layout!! 
good advice by the way, and hello, hope your doing well


Thankyou for this Colin, I'm very upfront and honest and I really mean it when I say a huge thanks for your message. At first, I did have a bit of a cry as it touched a nerve, excuse the sort of pun ... but what you said was good, as I was slipping into my 'old way of being' ie ... rushing around multitasking etc.

Also, I have a relative I support by phone who is being abused in the care in the community house she lives in - I've been fighting ALL authorities for years to get her to a safe place, as the situation has got worse .... but, nobody has cared or will do anything. No other rels willing to help. Think that's what pushed me over the edge.

(Hah! 'Take it easy' by the Eagles is playing by chance ... another sign to rest I think!)

anyway, this last week finally I seem to have got thru the final red tape, (threatened to go to the media and told them I'd contacted shall we say people in high places) .... fingers crossed my Rel will be moving to a much safer, kinder place really soon.

yes GP put me on Aspirin a month ago as couldn't tolerate another med

Thanks for the explanation and advice, I'm learning info as I go along. I'm so sorry you were affected in such a way Colin. Healing thoughts to you. I think part of my Persona has already 'left the building' unfortunately ... Thankyou for being so honest. Take care, Anne ?

Dear Anne

when I was in the first two years after stroke, I got loads of good advice on this site. Loads.

people who were at a similar stage, people who were well past my stage and some who were much more injured than me.

I am so sad that the site has slipped. It was altered and not for the better.

I really thought you might be on the precipice of (another) massive stroke, but I am thrilled you have drawn back from that precipice.

I hadn't a clue what a stroke was. Boy did I have to learn fast.

My car was packed ready for a few weeks in Stanmore. Rolls of wallpaper to hang. Christmas pressies wrapped. Then in an instant all that changed. I am now six years past that date, or I will be on 13th December, and I still have not made it to Stanmore. The hall and landing still have not been decorated.

I still insist on smiling and being positive.

but this pandemic is testing my resolve.

Stroke victims in the past two years have had a very tough deal.

i am delighted that your relative is on their way to a much better place.

Hope that triggers a big change for you, for the better.

Supper is ready so I will say goodnight




Dear Colin,

apologies for the delay in replying. Been v ill and hospital appts etc. The Tia clinic I went to was disastrous and set me right back. Still none the wiser, so plodding on and trying to take it easy and am turning to complementary therapies too while I navigate the labyrinth of the NHS. Anyway, catching up on emails etc now.

sounds like the site has been through lots of ups and downs, I must admit I'm finding it very helpful as I'm a 'Newbie' and there's some great advice on here I feel, for newly diagnosed anyway. Yes, thankyou, feeling bit better, but not brill after the last event.

Wow, just before Christmas...a difficult time, not that there's an 'ideal' time. That's great you're able to be positive Colin, I'm not quite in that space at the mo, I must admit, but I do try to keep connecting to my sense of humour ... keeps me going ?

yes, challenging times for all re the pandemic ... but it's also taken it's toll on so many services for eg stroke survivors. Hope things improve soon. I'm keeping in this Winter as much as possible as am not good on slippery surfaces ... broke my leg when snowboarding, back in the day! I love Snow, but not to walk on ?

Thankyou for your positive comment re my Relative ... we're not quite there yet, but I liked your wording, very synchronous. 

Sorry again for the delay, hope you enjoyed your Supper that night! ? Anne