Feeling nervous now …

have had a few Strokes in past few months ... plus a poss one a couple of weeks ago ... and GP just tried to send me to A and E thru 111, as looks like had another TIA!

Was turning to get something by the front door yesterday, and fell into the wall! Thankfully managed to put my hand out so didn't bang my head. But completely had lost my balance, and my feet had got all confused. So frustrating isn't it? Then today I couldn't remember a number I've been ringing for decades ... very upsetting. And had another 'missing moment' ... if that makes sense. 

I'm definitely getting concerned now about what I 'shouldn't' be doing ... Will speak to my own GP on Mon, but any ideas in the meantime would be great. Does anyone know anything about these 'missing moments' thing? It's as if I blan out ople of seconds of what's going on around me! ??

Sorry to hear this have you spoken to your stroke team or GP for support hope all gets better soon des

Its not a nice feeling des hope your ok, my last stroke was 9 weeks ago my talkings ok but i also get a vacant moment and struggle to capture a word here and there , its really frustrating i personally have put it down to bein part and parcel of having a stroke   , not much help i know but it seems to be a common problem 

Dear Carl

loss of speech is one of the things that can happen with a stroke. It might be that your brain will not communicate or, more common, it just can't process the words ready for your tongue to speak. This is called Aphasia.

less common is the brain just mixes things up. One of the blokes on my ward had a bad case of this. When he said no he often meant yes. And he couldn't converse very well at all. It upset me when he had visitors because he just couldn't communicate. He would break down in tears.

I had aphasia, not severely, and it faded away. After three months I could speak and after six months I could talk and converse.

you are spot on, it is indeed a part of having a stroke.

don't push too hard and things will come back.



I had a cerebellar stroke last September, and have an almost non-existent short-term recall. It's not just being absent-minded as it affects my ability to retain information as well as recalling actions. I have instead employed associative memory techniques to hopefully retrain my brain. My long-term retention has actually improved, and I now find easier to recall information I had learnt in the past, this is odd, and I feel it may be the cerebellum has rewired into the hippocampus for memory support. 

Hi all that may be online. Ok, so finally I'm off to the TIA/Stroke Clinic again tomorrow. Dreading it. If anyone has any ideas about how to approach the Consultant/what to ask etc, I'd be grateful. Think it's a bit late to be going there as the TIA was Fri thru to Sat/Sun. Anne

Interesting. Ditto re second sentence. Thanks for the AMT tip ... I googled it and 'Oxygen Therapy' also popped up on the screen! Both look brilliant. Also interesting theory re last sentence Rups ... I'm going to ask re the cerebellar idea tomorrow, as I feel once I've got a PROPER diagnosis, or as bpnear as near as ... then I can focus in on trying to rebuild things too. Thanks 

Hi Des,

yep ... off to the Clinic tomorrow ... GP is great. Stroke Team improving thankfully. I'm still traumatised from being an inpatient though at the Hospital about 2 months ago, so dreading it.

hope you're ok after your fall the other day?



Thanks still a bit sore but getting there hope all goes well des

Hi Anne-  I don't know much about TIA type of strokes.  I had an ischemic stroke 3 years ago that paralyzed my left side.   Was in the hospital for 3 weeks.  They told me to see my GP, a cardiologist and a neurologist as soon as I got out, which I did.  The Cardiologist found that I had afib, which had caused the stroke, so I have medication for that now, and it has brought me great peace of mind.  If I had a TIA, I would want to know what may have caused it, so I  could take preventative steps and put my mind at rest. By the way the paralysis is gone, and I am doing quite well now.  Jeanne 

Dear Jeanne

i do enjoy your posts. Not least because I am a practising christian and I use prayers for others. But I also don't wish to impose my religion on others. So I can speak more freely to you.

my first day of stroke was severe. My life flashed before me and I was 90% paralysed.
On day four I got up and walked. Miracle. good old Mathew.

I was gently reminded that 140 friends prayef for me that day.

I think TIA is an ischemic stroke. But you and me had a full stroke whereas TIA is transient. Eg TIA you recover without permanent damage.

gosh it's suddenly turned colder. My cat has returned to the picnic basket that he has purrloined. No more sun bathing for him.

my church is edging back to pre covid style and our band played on Sunday. This week end we do a candle light procession to the old church that burned down 1st October 1971.

not sure I will manage the walk, perhaps I will stay at the new church and guard the hot chocolate

keep smiling

keep positive 


Colin I do enjoy your posts too--so helpful and uplifting--which we all so desperately need. Your beautiful spirit shines through. It is amazing that after such a severe stroke you were up and walking on day 4.   I, too, feel very blessed to have survived and am doing as well as I am.  I was told people were praying for me too.  I know that all those prayers helped us. I had the most wonderful feeling when I heard that a friend of my then 13-year-old grand daughter had told her church about me and the whole church was praying for me.  They didn't even know my grand daughter, let alone me. The love and faith of others is such a blessing.  It has turned colder here in California too.  Although, "cold" in California is when it drops from 85 degrees to 73 degrees!  Ha Ha laugh  It will get much colder as autumn comes on.  I can just see your cat in the basket.  Very sweet.  I love cats!  Even dreamt about an orange one the other night.  I'm afraid that if I "guarded" the hot chocolate, it wouldn't be very safe!  I will keep positive and smiling.  The world needs more laughter.  I make a concerted effort to look for it.laugh Jeanne

Dear Jeanne

i have just had an American dwarf corn for supper. I live in a dry part of England and the plant seemed to enjoy our climate. I will save seed and attempt to grow several next year.

wow 73f is warm. 

its 10c. Autumn is well underway.

my wife and I correspond with her school friend who lives in Calgary, another world. I can't grasp the size of north america.

she has just finished the train journey Vancouver to Toronto and back. It makes the mainline trains that run at the bottom of my garden on the Clacton to London run look more like a hornby doublo. We have a long garden so the trains don't bother us, in fact it's nice to see them. Just four trains per hour. Plus an odd maintenance train.

best wishes




Hi Jeanne,

sorry to hear re the stroke and 3 weeks in hospital ... wow, that's a long time. I did 9 days earlier this year and was desperate to escape! I'm glad the paralysis has gone, that's amazing and gives me hope.

thanks for the cardiologist tip, that's great you found a solution ... that's one thing that hasn't been checked out yet with me! In fact, there's still no 'plan' in place really after 5/6 months ?

yes, still no answer as to actual cause, very frustrating...but am awaiting a consultant letter to clarify, and hopefully then can progress onwards.

Do you mind me asking what the neurologist did? What sort of questions did they ask?

take care, Anne ?

Glad you're on the mend Des, sorry re delay re reply, not been well.

Thanks Des, appointment didn't go well unfortunately ? very strange consultant, who cut me off half way thru trying to explain my symptoms, said time was up, wrote rubbish on his 'summary letter' to my go, and I'm none the wiser, nor my gp. Sigh.

watch that pavement as the weather gets colder!

Hi Anne-- The neurologist watched how I walked to determine if I had "drop foot" or not.  I guess to see if I could begin walking without the AFO(a plastic support on my foot and ankle, so I couldn't bend my ankle )  I think she checked my other reflexes, including eyes.   They scheduled me to return in 3 months, but I didn't feel the need to as the cardiologist had found the cause of the stroke, and rehab was dealing with my physical and occupational therapy.  My GP said she didn't think I needed to continue with the neurologist.  Consistent rehab is so important for recovery. I do think a cardiologist is important.  So many strokes are caused by afib.  Keep your spirits up, Anne.  Move as much as possible, even though it takes great effort.  It will pay off.  Take care, Jeannesmiley

Sorry to hear this can you get a second opinion or go to PAL and say you are not happy with your treatment is there anything your GP can do hope you get some answers all the best des

Hi Des, thankyou... it's a nightmare where I live ... shall we say some consultants are a bit 'cliquey' and 'stick up for each other' ? so un biased second opinions are a bit rare to find.

Yes, am about to involve PALS, as I need a clear answer, could do without the stress tho. My GP is very good ... ringing him on Monday. It's a real challenge when you have lots of health conditions...as the NHS just hasn't got a box to tick for me! Don't suppose you know any good Forums for people with several chronic health conditions? I wish there was an Holistic approach in the NHS, as in considering ALL symptoms and health issues please past history ... I bet it would save the NHS a lot of time and money, and give people a better quality of life. Anyway, thanks again Des ?

Hello Anne tere is nothing to worry about I attended hat clinic a few months ago. They have got all your information and all he didi was went through mymedication with me and I was worried beforehand but it was ok . you will be fine. All the best  Norma.

A god website forums is called different strokes is based on Facebook but the group is a private group so only other members can see you posts and reply to you there have about 6000 members and always give good advice hope this helps all the best des if you Google it you will find how to join the group