Feeling a little low today

@msporshakimberly welcome you our forum but sorry you’ve joined us.

I hope you feel better very soon. Keep talking to us.

Kind regards, loraine

Welcome to the best club nobody would get on a waiting list to join

Are you using sick to stomach figuratively or literally. Is the migraine a new thing or a continualty occurring thing

This is a good place to ask for support, guidance or just empathetic understanding when the need to vent arrives

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I left hospital with my medication and 3 packets of Paracetamol for my head.Never use to be a pill popper but used them at times when head was too much. But it did slowly abate only now rarely do I need to take a couple. But if your migraine persists get it checked out.


@msporshakimberly Hello, hope you feel better soon, best wishes, take care

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@msporshakimberly welcome to the club that no one ever thought they’d join. Hope you find it a useful place to be. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Hope the sickness & migraine ease up for you x