Feeling a bit low

What with the stroke and now my OCD thoughts have kicked in feeling low at the moment all sorts of daft and untrue thoughts are just going round and round in my head. It make me feel useless, depressed and guilty talk to gp today will see her in Thursday also someone from a Colne support group a town next to nelson where I live will be phoning me in the morning about counseling so I am trying to be proactive but had OCD for about forty years but with the stroke as well it’s very very fatguieing with no get up and go hope all is well with you all des

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Take care Des, feel for you and are glad you are seeing your G.P. I know I should be glad I survived, but just wish I didn’t have the down times like you.
At least you know you are not alone, there are loads of us out there who get to feel like this.
You are in my thoughts, Jane.

Hello @Des_murphy. I’m really sorry you are feeling this way right now. You have coping mechanisms which you have already triggered as well as talking to us here. You are taking control, and being proactive like this is a way to know you will get through this. Sometimes it really does all feel too much when one thing acts to compound another. It is not just you. Hoping you find help in the GP appt and counselling. Keep talking, Julia x

Des–You’ve helped so many people with your comments on this website. Your contributions have helped others. You are a very valued person and much needed. Counseling should help you “kick out” those negative thoughts. Counseling helped me. Replace the negative thoughts with other things. Keep your brain busy with other stuff so you don’t have time to dwell on the negative. I keep repeating a mantra over and over again in my head, like: “every day in every way, I’m getting better and better”, or “I am in God and God is in me”. Find your own words that bring you peace and fill your mind with them. ( Not to mention, working crossword puzzles.):slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

Hi Des, there is a charity/support group called https://www.ocduk.org/. They offer help and support to people who live with OCD. Have a look at their website and see what you think.

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@Des_murphy sorry you’re going through a tough time at the minute. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things to try & get some help. Really hope the GP can recommend something that works for you.
As @Loshy says try & find something you enjoy to do to try & reduce some of the feelings. I know OCD can be completely overwhelming though.
Sending positive thoughts your way.
Best wishes


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@Des_murphy sorry you’re feeling down, we’ve got enough to deal with, fatigue is so draining.

It’s good you’ve reached out to your GP for help and counselling, I found counselling really helpful, I hope you do too.

Best wishes, take care

Sorry to hear you’re having a bad time @Des_murphy, I don’t have OCD but my wife did suffer badly (less so now) when she was younger. I had bad anxiety a few months after my stroke so kind of understand a little how you feel unable to control yourself.
Just remember we all care about you on here and will be around to support you.
I hope tomorrow you will feel better than today.
All the best,

Thanks for all u support I am seeing the doctor on Thursday and next Thursday I have a counselling session to assess me thanks des


I found it helpful thanks des

Hi @Des_murphy I have really bad anxiety at the moment so I can sympathise with how you feel. I too am having counselling but am also working through some antidepressant medication that I hope will eventually help.

Make sure you tell your GP how you feel tomorrow and good luck with the therapy. We are here for a chat whenever you need it.

I find that distraction helps - even clearing down my in-box!