Feedback about the forum

Discussion about the new forum, how it is organised, how it works, and how we can improve it.

The site really is coming on nicely. It will look so much better than the current version.

Personally I think its ok to just say the forum rather than the My Stroke Guide forum as the MSG logos visible. Or say Welcome to the forum on MSG. I also think having ‘Go back to MSG’ may confuse users as it points out there’s two sites. Won’t the MSG logo in the main purple bar send people back to the home page on MSG anyway? If not perhaps it should be a home button instead.

There isn’t anywhere that says account until you click on preferences in the drop down. Suggest summary is changed to account summary.

When you type in about me it isn’t clear if it’s worked. You have to scroll to save changes. Could there be a save changes box higher up or a box that says scroll to save changes?
Once saved the wording still shows in the text box and underneath. Is that meant to be the case?

I wasn’t sure what to fill in under website and found user card background confusing. I’m not sure I know what this is.

In the instructions on what to test, it said to use the feedback discussion area on the forum to post comments. I personally was looking for a thread which said ‘feedback discussion area’, like there are threads that say ‘this is a test topic. So wasn’t 100% where to add comments.

I had a question around how the activity summary section will work in conjunction with retention emails. It says when I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies. Is the email to their MSG account rather than personal email in box or the latter?
Also offering a frequency of every 30 mins or an hourly seem excessive but you may have insights which informs people do want this.

Theres a lot to fill out in notifications too. Could it be simplified?

I did enjoy receiving a badge for filling in my profile. My question is around the wording on the badge. It says join us! at the end… people have already joined. My guess is its to encourage people to post? Consider rewording.

Thanks for considering my feedback.

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I have just had so many problems logging in to this new site, has taken me 2 days, anyone else had problems? It was confusing enough before, but now it’s even worse. We have all had a stroke!!!

Hello, I am just wondering about groups, our newly formed group isn’t appearing, and it’s quite important to us because we’ve just come to the end of our Community Steps funding where we had weekly online Zoom meetings, and so we now basing our group here to continue the meetings.

I’m finding it really difficult to use the site. I think there needs to be a walkthrough of how to use the site. We will loose our most valuable contributors unless the site is made more straightforward to use, you need to remember that some of us are over 60 years+ .

Send me a DM and I’ll we’ll get it up and running for you

We’re going to have a Zoom webinar next week to show you how it all works. Had a bit of a 'mare getting the main site up and running this week. So sorry for the delays. Keep an eye on the About the Forum category

Really sorry @jane.cobley, quite a few teething problems and getting information out to everyone. I’ve put a link to our help centre portal on the front page. We’ve also got a handy help button on the main My Stroke Guide site too. Saves having email. Just one of the things we’re doing to be more responsive on this site.

I noticed last night that all messages I received are also going to my email address. Is this meant to happen ?

Hello Ann, yes, I think it automatically does that, but you can switch it off on your profile preferences I think. I was hoping they would include this function as we have started a group, and email notifications would be useful for us because we have weekly Zoom meetings, and need to remind people.

Thanks for your reply Rups, I’m finding it very different from the old format but have managed to turn it off.

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Hi @mum2two,
I’m just adding to the FAQs about the emails. You can turn them off in your preferences which you’ll find under your profile pic.
We’ve got a webinar coming up on Monday to give everyone a tour of the site. I’ll post about it now but here’s a link if you want to register. It’s 1:30pm Sign up for the webinar

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Can anyone tell me how to logout and use this new site properly?

I have absolutely no idea. I just don,t know what they have done to this site!!! I am afraid I will have to stop using it, which is sad, as I found it a great help.
Take care and best wishes, Jane.

Hi, if you click on your photo or letter in top right hand corner it brings up a new menu. There is an image of a person if you click on that it brings up a list and the last on the list is log out. Hope you can understand the steps.

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Thanks very much for info

Hi @seconddandai ,
Click on your profile picture and then the people icon. You will see the logout button there.
Let me know if you need any more help.
Kind regards,