Fatigue and weakness

My name is Sharon I’m 50 and had a stroke in may but mild one on right side , been left to get in with it , I feel fatigued every day weakness in left side and just feel I have changed completely, still not back at work and not ready yet Any advice please and thank you :relaxed:

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@sharonnichols72 welcome to our forum and sorry you have had a stroke.

In the words of many of us SS be kind to yourself, rest when needed and don’t push yourself. Fatigue can just creep up on you and knock you off your feet.

You will return to somewhere near normal but as you are today. Good luck and keep going best wishes Loraine


@sharonnichols72, welcome to our forum, and sorry to hear of the stroke in May. My advice is isolate the problem areas and rehabilitate those, regularly but gently. If you haven’t had any professional rehabilitation, then turn to the internet where there are lots of resources for stroke survivors, and feel free to ask more specific questions here. You have about three more months of the brain doing its own repair work, so now is the time to allow yourself plenty of rest and sleep.


@sharonnichols72 welcome although sorry you’ve had a stroke. Even milder strokes can cause a lot of issues. It’s still early days for you & your need to listen to your body & get plenty of rest so your brain can repair.
This is a great place for advice so keep asking questions.
Best wishes.

Ann x

Hi Sharon, welcome to the forum.

Keep pushing gently forward, remember to factor in rest breaks to combat fatigue. Be kind to yourself.

We’re here to support each other, so ask questions there’ll be someone who has had similar issues and can offer advice.

Best wishes

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Hello @sharonnichols72. Welcome to this forum where hopefully you can find information and support amongst those who understand as no-one else can. I too had my stroke at 50, a year ago. As others have said, you are early in your recovery. There is a general lack of professional support but do not let this stop you doing everything you can to regain as much as you can but be patient, and mix in as much rest as you need, it is a priority and necessary to allow your brain to heal. I felt as weak as a poorly kitten when I was discharged, and couldn’t make sense of who I was, it is a big transition. Please use this forum to help you, all the best, Julia x

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Hi Sharon as others have advised take it steady and only go back to work when you feel confidant and calm. It takes awhile to come to terms with what’s happened I was lucky and had a visit from the county Stroke support team a few days after returning home. Like you a had a mild stroke and was told baby steps and rest.And to come to terms with what’s happened, Accept, which you will find a bitter pill to swallow and adapt and adjust. Come back here and ask, the knowledge and experience is phenomenal

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