Father day

Not one card that’s what they think of me well really dissaointed says a lot

Sympathise with you Mickeyboy, my husband the same, no fathers day card, not even a phone call!!! Life can be sh…t some days. Anyway, I am thinking of you and all the fathers that have not received cards!!

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Sorry to hear that @Mickyboy it’s not the same but here’s wishing you a

Mickyboy- One thing that has brought me a lot of peace over the years is to not EXPECT anything from anyone. That takes some of the sting out of the disappointment. People (even family) have their own lives, problems, etc., and are often very self-centered because of it. So, when I feel “let down”, I turn around and do or say something nice to someone else to brighten their day. That way I feel I’ve sort of evened things out in the universe. A bad thing is offset by a good thing. :broken_heart:+ :heart:= :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Jeanne


Hi Mickyboy don’t take it to heart young folks today have a lot more on their plates than we had. Could you phone someone to get them to give them a nudge ? Like my Father never really took Father’s Day on board. Think we imported it from USA as a another money spinner.
I’ve learnt since surviving stroke that being more forgiving and learning to let a lot of things go puts me in a better place . What’s been a great help to me is a mindfulness technique. Think back to a maybe childhood memory when you had a good time and relive it a bit at a time. To get to sleep sometimes I remember a journey to my grandparents from leaving home to what I saw, the route through Northampton to countryside to stuffing myself on plums when I got there and journey home with a stop at a pub if we were lucky for a bottle of pop and bag of walkers crisps. Give it a try ! :hugs::+1: Pds

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Can’t remember much these days can remember going into hospital and being there quite awhile and going back to my. Daughter house, can remember bits about my wife illness and going into hospital and not coming home, seems I have blocked quite a bit out or it’s the stroke messing with my memory