Eye test

Went to Specsavers today for my two year check and visual field test.

The normal front view was unchanged from the previous time, the visual field test failed the required limits to drive wi it unlikely to improve in the short term

@mrfrederickson i’m so sorry you didn’t meet the requirements to drive again. How do they know it won’t improve? You could try another eye test in 6 months and see what they say then. Try being positive all might change in the near future. How long is it since your stroke? Sending my best wishes to you Loraine

Thanks Lorraine, good advice,at least I have a baseline to measure the next time, I am okay on the right side of both eyes it’s the left part cannot detect vision, all on line with my left side affected stroke, the hope is thoptical nerve in the right side of the brain gets healing in the near future, could be the best present ever.only beatened but my arm working and no pain in my left leg and foot. Apart from that I’m 100%

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@mrfrederickson sorry to hear you’re visual field isn’t where it needs to be to allow you to drive. Hopefully in time this will improve. Have they offered any suggestions on things you can do to improve your visual field? There may be some exercises that could help.
Best wishes

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My husband also has visual problems since his stroke. The vision in the left eye is excellent but the right eye is poor and he has no peripheral vision to the right. At the very least he is going to have to turn his head towards the right to see that side. Fortunately he gave up driving 3 years ago due to neuropathy in his legs so there is no worry from that point of view. He has had his eyes checked in the hospital eye clinic as a few days prior to the stroke he had his second injection for diabetic macular in the right eye. Apparently there is a small chance that this was a factor in his stroke. We were trying to save his sight but it is now significantly worse. It is 5 weeks since his stroke and he has another eye clinic appointment in 8 weeks time to check and discuss.

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