Exercise, regaining confidence

I am 4 and half weeks post stroke, spent the first three exhausted and tired. I have been in a couple of short walks (always with my daughter) and tried a longer one at the weekend. Fine at the time but spent two days recovering. I know the importance of exercise and have always been a fit active person. How do you balance getting back out there with recovery? I keep reading how important it is to keep moving … is it too soon and am I expecting too much too early?
Sorry to ramble on, its all so much to get your head around


@Ktrean60 you’re not rambling your head is full of questions.

It’s a tiresome recovery stroke one minute we can be up and raring, next could feel shattered.

Take each day as it comes. I try and plan but if I’ve exhausted my self day before I literally do nothing the next day. Even reading is a slow process for me.

You will get stronger kind wishes Loraine


@Ktrean60 well done on getting out for walks. It is early days for you and fatigue will be a big part of your life for a while. You need to find a balance between pushing yourself & resting.

I was told my by physio (some months after my stroke when I was chatting to her about fatigue) that some people push themselves on their “good” days accepting that they will have more fatigue days. Others balance their activities out so they suffer fatigue on fewer days. It’s about working out the best option for you.

I would however say that rest is very important in 1st 6 months as the brain does its repairing.

Best wishes.

Ann x

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@Ktrean60 the early weeks/month are all about balance between activity and rest, it’s all so easy on a good day to forget and push yourself too far.

Unfortunately there’s no magic formula except listening to your body and learning from experience if you’ve pushed too hard and easing back a little.

Slow and steady at the moment, think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Best wishes, take care

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Thank you both for your advice. It is so hard isnt it? Life changes overnight, hard to accept and come to terms with. Loss of confidence in yourself and trust in your own body is a big one. I find the response on here so fast and kind so I would like to thank everyone xx

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@Ktrean60 we’re all in the same situation and can relate to each other and how we feel, it’s scary at first but this is a wonderful caring forum full of people who willingly support each other,

Take care, best wishes

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Hi @Ktrean60

I’m nearly a year since my stroke, in the early days I was beaten up so badly but also so beligerently determined to carry on that I certainly did push to hard and cause myself quite a few problems by over exerting.
Over doing it can lead to regressive symptoms and should be guarded against.

I now exercise in bite sized chunks, generally whenever it suits my body. I will deep breath ad hoc anywhere, stretch and yoga pose anywhere and everywhere and make a point at home of doinf light resistance training with weights, none of these are done to excess, if I do then I trigger a bite back from my body/mind/or head, but instead I pester myself all day, fit anything in any gap whenever everything else says it’s okay.

Lookig for a rountine post stroke didn’t work out for me, so I now operate on a whim basis, I do exercises when they can be done, when my mind and body are available to do them and always in nibble bite sized pieces, by the end of most days I have a full circuit but without the demands of doing a full circuit, so this might be the way to go, little and often, with no plan, just the ambition to do it when you can.

You will get stronger and longer as your recovery moves forwards, but for now, so soon after the trauma you’ve experienced, your ambitions may have be tempered by your need to allow things to rebuild in small stages.

I wish you well, and believe me, I am not a patient person, I was hammering in fence posts 4 weeks after my stroke in a field in a gale in Wales such was my own determination to be normal, now a year on, I see how much I was over reaching through impatience and also just how very dangerous that was.

Take care, and kindest regards
Alan :slight_smile:

" While exercise is necessary for good health and recovery after stroke, it’s important for patients to avoid overexercising. Pushing the body too hard can potentially result in regression or exacerbate conditions like post stroke fatique.


As others have said, you are in very early days,so you will need to balance your desire for exercises with the inevitable fatigue that follows. After 7 years, I still need to have an hour’s nap at noon. I do go to three active seniors exercise classes a week, which has done wonders for my strength and balance, but I cannot do the walking I once did. I miss that but it is important to live with the person you are now not the person you once were.


Thank you for your replies and advice. Its a hard place to be isnt it. Wise advice to live your the life we have now. I will keep moving forward a bit at a time. Best wishes to everyone x


I can only endorse what others have said, I’m now in my 9th year post stroke and still apply the same formulae. I exercise as much as possible but if the signals say ease back, then thats exactly what I do.

My wife and I have just recovered from a nasty bout of Covid, my attack was almost vicious but recovery started quickly. Hers was less severe but lasted longer. For a while recovery from Covid was more important than my long term exercise plan and took precedence.


Thank you for your reply, Im sorry to hear you and your wife have had Covid it takes it out of you for certain. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Iv taken everyones advice and taking it one day at a time. Yesterday was a good day so I had a short walk with my dogs.

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@Deigh hope you and your wife are well on the way to recovery now, best wishes

Happy new year @Deigh hope you are both feeling much better.

Baby steps sweetie. Happy New Year to you

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Thank you, happy new year to you as well. Its a hard place we all find ourselves in for certain

Welcome @sue3 hope you find lots if advice & support here xx