Exercise 5 days post stroke

Please can anyone give me guidance on exercise following my stroke.
It’s only been five days and I feel nervous about pushing things too early?
I am only thinking walks etc at this stage

Graham. I would suggest staring small and building up. If walking, set yourself a safe distance so you know you can get there and return safely. Carry a mobile phone with you. Focus on your walking rather than looking around. If you wobble, stop and then start again.

Plenty of strength and balance exercises on line if you Google something like ‘exercise after stroke’

@Gbucktrout a lot will depend on how you feel & how the stroke has affected you. Have you been given any physio to do? I would suggest starting slowly and for short distances to see how you get on. Maybe take someone with you. I am still not able to go for walks as my dizziness kicks in quite quickly but I do still hobble around the house & garden. One thing most stroke survivors have in common is fatigue so getting plenty of rest is important too.

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Shwmae @Gbucktrout, what symptoms do you have? it is important not to push things, generally, as there is the boom-bust cycle to avoid which essentially means that the brain doesn’t digest what you are working on because it has been strained and reaches neurological-fatgue, making progress slower and more difficult. But as many have responded, small steps and often is key. For about six months your brain is trying to repair itself, neuroplasticity, this will slow down after six months, and progress is considered to slow down.

@Gbucktrout others have already given you sound advice about building up gradually Graham, you haven’t mentioned how the stroke affected you, regardless of any physical or cognitive impairment you may or may not have, you’ve still had a brain injury a few days ago that needs time to repair/ rewire.

Yes, we need to move our body (exercise it) as this is good for our overall health but proceed gently at first and pace yourself, you may not be able to do anything like what you did pre stroke at first, I used to walk miles however the first few times I went out for a short (and I mean short) walk I took someone with me. The first time I went out alone I had a route in mind but I didn’t make that short walk, had to stop about 10 minutes into it (I only made it to the end of the street) and after resting for 15 minutes retrace my steps back home as fatigue took over.

As @John_Jeff_Maynard mentions definitely take a mobile with you.

All that said, don’t let fear take over, try a gentle short walk, if you are up for it, just be kind and patient with yourself.

Best wishes

Thanks everyone. I have no way to gauge anything at the moment and this is very helpful

Take things slowly. Fatigue is a big problem usually. Only walk short distances to start with. Try and take someone with you. Make sure you see a Physio ASAP.

@Gbucktrout Graham I second what everyone has said. You should give your brain time to recover from the injury just like a sprained ankle you would rest it! Good luck and I wish you all the best :blush: