Thought I was having flawup so started emergency pack so many tablets to take

@Mickyboy hope you’re OK & that things have settled a bit. Take it easy & look after yourself x

Oh nooo hope you are ok keep us up to date. Keep ongoing @Mickyboy :grinning:

Thinking of you. Hope you are ok. Lilian.

Hope you’re feeling better soon @Mickyboy

Mickyboy–Sorry to hear it. Hope you’re feeling better now. :heart: Jeanne


Hope you’re ok @Mickyboy … it’s so stressful when that happens and you have to pack up meds etc while feeling Ill. I’ve been meaning to create a ‘grab and go’ bag to no avail! Hope everything was ok, take care, Anne :sparkles:

Thanks for all your support coming up to a week now still feel wobbly, not sure if it was infection or result of having flu,and covid jabs but started my emergency pack anyway as didn’t feel right mick.

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@Mickyboy could have been your jabs perhaps. I was ill for a week after all my covid jabs. Hopefully the wobbliness will ease very soon x

Hi all been 2 weeks since my flu and covid jabs slowly getting better really took it out of me

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Good to hear you’re on the mend. It sure has knocked you about a bit by the sounds of it. Take it easy x

@Mickyboy glad your feeling better. My jabs are next week and I’m not looking forward to it. Keep going kind regards Loraine

I’ve got my jabs on Saturday. Dreading it as been poorly for a good week after all my previous jabs. On the plus side at least I don’t have to juggle work with the side effects this time :woozy_face:
Hope you’re OK after yours xx

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@Mrs5K lots of luck hope your ok after your jabs x

Hello @Mickyboy. Glad you are feeling better eventually. If it makes anyone less anxious I had the renamed Pfizer vaccine - cominarty, on Sunday. I had a sore arm and sore glands under my arm but it’s OK now. I couldn’t get a flu one for another couple of weeks, but I did have both together this time last year. Julia x

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I’m sorry that you have been so poorly with your jabs. I was dreading mine but other than a bit of a sore arm dont seem to have suffered any ill effects this time. I hope you continue to get better

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