I’m really worried about energy as I need to keep warm I’ve with my daughter and grandchildren but they out all day and it’s a draft house have council coming round to do an inspection

Try to stay in a small room. Get out the warm clothing, plus a blanket. Keep legs warm.
Simply staying in bed could be a good way to insulate. Make sure you eat and drink enough to keep energy up. Think hibernate like a bear in its den.
Take care.

@Mickyboy it’s a difficult situation for many. You should be eligible for the £400 discount that we will all get - this will go automatically against the bill for the house. If you’re over pension age I think the winter fuel payment will be more this year. Have a chat with Citizens Advice to make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to.
Extra layers, keeping as active as possible will also help.
Here’s hoping for a mild winter.

My husband used to really suffer from the cold and had a couple of pairs of salopettes, which he wore over his long johns. Ski wear is great for keeping warm(you might be able to get hold of some at a charity shop).
As well as the £400, there will be an extra PIP payment.
Citizens advice can help re anything further.

Hi Mickyboy, dressing in layers can help as it traps warm air around the body, but I sympathise as not being very mobile makes one susceptible to the cold.

Check out all the payments available and claim whatever you can so you can have the heating on or an economical individual small heater in the room where you are sitting.