Elderly relative unconscious post stroke - likelihood of recovery?

Hi all

My grandmother had a stroke last week impacting her left side. She has been unconscious since admission to hospital and I’m told is unresponsive beyond the occasional opening of her eyes.

Due to on-going COVID restrictions unfortunately visitation is severely limited meaning she can only have 2 named visitors and only 1 of those 2 can be with her at any time.

She is in her 90s and was generally frail prior to the stroke. However whilst periodically in hospital as might be expected at her age has never had any major health issues although in the last few years has been said to have dementia although its not yet at the really bad stages of memory loss.

As we are unable to see her it is difficult to know what to expect and what the outcome might be. Updates from family members who are able to visit are that there is no change - i.e she remains unconscious.

Should we be preparing for the worst? Is it likely someone of that age and frailty will pull through the physical impacts of a stroke?


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@Lina_UK hi Lina, welcome to our forum, really sorry your grandmother has had a stroke and is unconscious.

I’m not medically trained so I cannot give you much support. You need to be speaking with the consultants or Doctors looking after her.

Aged 90 wow she must be a fighter and have lots of stories for you. I know I cannot help in anyway but you can ask whatever you want to on our forum and maybe someone may be able to help you understand a little more. Our brains need a lot of time to rewire and adjust to our physical side, like using limbs and speech. I wish your grandmother all the best and lots of luck. Sending a big hug to you Loraine :grinning:

@Lina_UK welcome to the forum but sorry to hear your grandmother has had a stroke & remains unconscious.
No-one can say whether she will make a recovery or not I’m afraid. It will depend on so many factors. She must be a very strong lady to make it to 90.
Not being able to visit is rubbish isn’t it. Seeing things for yourself makes it easier to understand what’s happening…well I find it is.
Just be there as much as you can for her…even if support is remote. Ask those that can visit to pass on messages from you which I’m sure she’ll love.
We’re all sending positive thoughts and get well wishes your grandmother’s way. Sending love and hugs to you too.

Ann xxx

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Thanks Loraine. Unfortunately the hospital refuse to give out information over the phone and will only speak to next of kin so reliant upon the next of kin obtaining updates and cascading.

In normal times we would have just turned up at the hospital and obtained updates face to face but COVID rules prevent that still.

Hopefully she will come round soon and the effects of the stroke will be fully known.

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Hi. None of us here are medically qualified.if it helps, my 87 year old cousin has just had a major stroke (6 weeks ago). It has taken her speech and her ability to swallow. When I first saw her I feared the worst. She was bedbound and could only say the odd word. Six weeks on her speech has improved, although not always making sense. They have her in a wheelchair in the day and she can now stand and use a Zimmer frame a little. Whether she will be able to continue living independently I don’t know, but she does have full understanding when we speak to her even if she cannot respond.

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Well I hope you get answers and I hope to live to your grandmothers age. @Lina_UK .if I’m lucky. I hope all goes well for your family and @John_Jeff_Maynard information is so positive kind regards Loraine