Dysection causing TIA

Hi, hope everyone is well. I suffered a TIA a month ago due to a dysection in my artery in my neck. I have no idea how the dysection occurred as im in my early 30s and quite fit and healthy. 3 days before the TIA, i suddenly got pain down the left side of my face, neck and ear with a constant headache. The stroke happened 3x in one day. I’m a mother of 2, under 4s and the TIA happened whilst i was looking after my kids, my speech slurred and i couldnt talk to my babies. At the time i wasnt too sure what was happening and tried to carry on my day, but then a couple of hours later it happened again. And then a third time where i completely lost strength in my left arm and leg. The ambulance took me to A&E, i was so confused as to what was happening to me and the shock of hearing the words confirmed STROKE has traumatised me. Im really struggling to come to terms with it all, i keep repeating the day in my head.

Im so scared another stroke will happen, im afraid to be alone. Ive got constant pain/ weakness down the left side of my body which the drs have told me is post stroke pains. I feel exhausted all the time, and my body feels very shaky if i dont eat regularly. I’m taking co codamol and clopidgrel.

How long does the dysection take to heal? Or does it ever heal? Has anyone got any idea why im feeling weak, shaky and exhausted? Is there anything i can do to lift my mood and not be so fearful of a second stroke? Any advise would be really helpful.

Thanks x


@Anisa welcome to our forum I’m so sorry you have had a stroke so young. Any age is traumatising.

My experience is your body is healing and exhausted from the stroke. Your brain is re wiring itself and it can be frightening but you are early days.

You must listen to your body and rest, I know it’s easier said than done especially have 2 young children. Do you live with someone or have family support to help you through your early days?

You should have a stroke nurse to contact or even your GP for support. I got counselling it did help.

The biggest support was from here on our forum. You can ring this stroke organisation and someone will talk to you . I had 2 times a week at the beginning it was amazing and helped me come to terms that yes it had really happened.

I started mindfulness and deep breathing to try and distract myself when I could feel panic or constantly thinking about the day it happened and the treatment (I hardly got as I was misdiagnosed) .

I wish you well and glad you’ve reached out to us. Keep going and keep talking .

Kindest wishes Loraine and a hug :hugs:


Shwmae @Anisa, sorry to hear of your stroke. A dissection will heal, it will take time. It is important at this time to get plenty of rest and sleep. Try not to overdo things, even if you feel like you can, it will prolong your rebuilding journey. The exhaustion is neurological-fatigue, the brain trying to reroute and if a TIA, trying to reactivate. Motor neurones may be affected and affect muscle control, making it difficult to summon the strength to do everyday things. I had shakiness on and off for some time.


@Anisa welcome, so sorry to hear you’ve had TIAs, it’s scary when you hear/realise it’s happened to you.

Firstly, feeling fatigued is usual as your brain is working harder around the damaged area, so all the usual things work your brain harder which in turn tires the body. That in itself will be difficult with children, without the weakness on top.

You need to rest as much as you can, try prioritising tasks and leave some of your usual routine out for now, hopefully you’ve got partner/family/friends that can help with the children.

The clopidogrel will reduce your risk of having another, take a look at your diet to further reduce your risk, I know the thought of having another is frightening and the fear will ease with time. Ask your GP for counselling or speak to the Stoke Association for advice.

We’re here too to offer support.

Best wishes

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@Anisa welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had reason to be here.

My stroke was also caused by a dissection to my carotid artery. I still have no idea why my artery dissected and i am 12 months on. It worried me quite a lot at the beginning because I thought every time I did something it would go again but the clopidogrel you are on reduces that risk.

The artery should heal itself in time. The time varies for everyone I think. It can heal in a few days or take months.

Everything you are feeling is normal as everyone else has said. It’s difficult with children but you do need to try & find time to rest. Accept help from wherever you can get it.

Your worries should reduce in time but speak to your GP / Stroke Dr about them as they might be able to allay your concerns.

Wishing you all the best.

Ann xx

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Hi @Anisa :wave:
Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your stroke.
You are not alone in terms of age. I had my stroke 2-years ago and I was only 35 so you are not alone :people_hugging: it’s taking me a little while to get used to the word “stroke” so I totally get what you mean. Give it time and heal a bit, we are here for you.
Some great suggestions in terms of of things you can do from other survivors, but anything you can do to relax and take it easy a little bit. For example I like to do meditation, yoga and painting as I can spend an hour or so and the time flies. You will become tired at the early stages so just rest for now.
Thinking of you and I wish you well. Keep us posted on your journey :heart:
Leanne x

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welcome - but also so sorry that you have cause to be here. My stroke was also caused by a dissection (at least the GP thinks it was) while reversing the car - I think it’s just bad luck. The clopidogrel will reduce your risk of another stroke (and make you bleed very easily so do be careful, I have a lovely gash on my hand from a gate on a walk which I’m keeping an eye on to make sure it doesn’t go manky).

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Thank you everyone for such comforting words and advise. It helps to hear from people who understand exactly what you mean.

I have an amazing support group around me, helping with the kids etc. But, I was an independent woman who relied on others very little. So i cant help but feel im being a burden on my family.

I’ve realised even when i want to do more, my body tells me its time to rest. So im listening and resting as much as i can, taking small steps. I have anothe CT angio scan in 6 months time, praying the vessel has healed by then :pray:.

I have my first counselling session next week, hoping that will help lift my mood :slightly_smiling_face:.

I appreciate all the support from you all and hope u all have a lovely year ahead :purple_heart: