Drawing is good for the brain

I’ve been looking for a new hobby recently and I’m considering drawing/sketching, relatively affordable all that’s required is paper, pencils an an eraser to start with, apparently it’s good for the brain too, that’s got to be a plus :+1:

I don’t consider myself to be very artistic (yet) but who knows I may have a budding artist eagerly waiting to be released :joy:. Essentially it doesn’t matter if I’m good at it it’s all about enjoyment and having a go. The stroke affected my right dominant hand, fine motor skills need improvement, so it’ll be a challenge too.

I’ve found a online course that takes one through the basics, shading, perspective etc, I’ve got paper, albeit not sketch paper but it’ll do for now, so I’m good to go… unfortunately not I apparently don’t have a pencil in the house, lots of pens but no pencils. Those pesky grandkids of mine have ‘borrowed’ them all. I’ll have to nip out later to buy a couple lol.

I’ll keep you updated on how it goes, once I get a pencil lol


@Mahoney great idea look forward to seeing your works of art.

Know what you mean and it grandkids :rofl::rofl:

I haven’t painted for a while so you’ve just inspired me thanks. Kind regards Loraine c


Hi Lorraine, it may be a little while before I’ll be sharing any ‘works of art’ lol.

Happy painting :art::woman_artist::framed_picture:


Hi, sounds like a good plan. I spend quite a bit of time drawing with my 4 year old granddaughter. I’ve never been great at drawing but it’s something I’ve been able to do with her since my stroke, so I’m getting lots of practice and she’s not afraid to give her opinion about my efforts. “Thats not a dog Nanny” can often be heard and her drawings are actually better than mine.

Have fun when you get your pencils.
Regards Sue


Sounds like a good idea @Mahoney. I can lose myself in creative projects not only whilst I’m doing them but thinking around them and coming up with ideas. Get some lovely pencils and enjoy them. I am a stationary addict :wink:. Julia x


@Mahoney that sounds like a great idea. My artistic skills lie somewhere other than drawing I think. I did take up colouring though after my stroke & I find that quite therapeutic. It definitely helped me with my fine motor skills in my affected hand too.

Happy pencil shopping & look forward to seeing the finished product :blush:


@Susan_Jane it’s so much fun drawing and colouring with the grandkids, my artistic skills are non existent at the moment but I’m willing to try :smiley:

@Mahoney , good luck with your art endeavours. I used to enjoy drawing (a long time ago) but don’t think my dominant left hand has good enough fine movement. When I first came out of hospital and had some anxiety, I found shading in the various patterns on the A3 sheets the OT gave me was very thereputic & relaxing. I also bought some adult dot to dot books but since work has cranked up I’ve struggled to find the time or energy to do them (they won’t run away though!).

Looking forward to seeing your masterworks :grin:.

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Hi Julia, I’ve got my pencils now and looking forward to making a start, pleased you enjoy creative projects and your stationery :+1:

I’ve made cards in the past and thoroughly enjoyed coming up with ideas for them.

Hi Ann I enjoy colouring but not so much the adult colouring books, I much prefer colouring in the children’s books, bigger sections to colour perhaps?

I’ll post something when I have a little experience under my belt as I doubt my initial efforts will be worthy of sharing :joy:

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@Ingo66 ha ha I doubt I’ll ever have master works to share, but I’m hopeful I’ll enjoy the ‘doing’, I can but try, hope you find the time and energy to take up your dot books and shading therapy again :smile:

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Splendid stuff @Mahoney, I’ve spent time drawing with all my children. It was always rather handy at restaurants when children get antsy, a napkin and a pencil, and all is well while waiting to be served. I hope you find it cathartic. I’ve always admired those artists who can work magic with charcoal. Pencils are precious in my house, I only write drafts with pencils, so have plenty in reserve. Sounds like you may have found a wonderful pastime. Creativity works on all levels, so look forward to seeing some of your sketches if you feel confident enough to share. :grin::+1:

Thanks Rups, I used to draw with the children when they were younger and now with the grandchildren but it was/is always the usual representations of an object, a couple of circles with a M on top, lines for whiskers and a curved line for a tail and voila ‘a cat’.

I’m hopeful I’ll have something half decent to share once my skills increase, but the joy is in the doing.

Best wishes

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Just read your article and would be interested in the online course you found so if you could let me know I would be very grateful

kindest regards


Hi John, I’ve sent you the link in a message :+1:
Best wishes and happy drawing :writing_hand:

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Well, I’m going to be brave and share my first drawing, I know I have lots of progress to make but I’m quite proud of my first effort :smile: hopefully in a few months I’ll have better drawings to share but here goes… tadaah!


@Mahoney wow this is so brilliant. You have a great skill and your first masterpiece! It’s fabulous. :hugs:

You’ve inspired me so I’m waiting for my paint by numbers to arrive. Happy sketching :kissing_heart:

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Thanks Lorraine, you’re so kind, getting to grips with holding the pencil and trying to make it do what I want was a little more challenging than I thought, but I’m hopeful that using my affected hand like this will improve the fine motor skills I’m lacking .

Enjoy your paint by numbers, it’s great to have a hobby that can immerse our senses.

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@Mahoney i love it. I have always wished i could draw but lets just say its not my forte. If this is your first drawing you’ll soon be smashing out masterpieces :blush::blush::blush: well done. Hope you enjoyed drawing it xx

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That’s great @Mahoney. It certainly looks like you know what you are doing. Being able to do something creative is such an enjoyable thing. Keep going, Julia x

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