Why can’t a week or month go by without their being a drama in family my brain can’t handle all this really sets me of anxiety wise

@Mickyboy hope all ok. Sometimes we go through phases where things seem like they’re going wrong all the time. Stay strong you’ll come through it. Take care x

@Mickyboy hi try to stay calm I think I’ve said before about deep breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth take deep breaths for about 10 times. You know it will pass and so will any family drama. Just look at it as though it’s a programme and then switch it off in your own head. I do this all the time take care Loraine :blush:

I can see your point on this one. Post stroke I am finding it increasingly difficult to coordinate my thinking. Today my anxiety level shot up due to some misunderstandings between myself and staff at my GP surgery. I was out of some BP meds and needed a delivery today otherwise I would be 2 days with no meds. It took several phone calls and I was thinking my delivery would fail. Fortunately they managed to get it sorted for this afternoon’s delivery.
I thiink the misunderstandings were probably due to my coordination difficulties and wasn’t able to make it clear what I wanted. I think the GP’s staff realised this and made a special effort to make sure I got my meds.

Pleased you got the medication sorted @sunnyday

This could end in a prison sentence not me family member serious

@Mickyboy so sorry to hear this. Try & remain positive. Families can be stressful at times x

Sod it booked holiday half term we going to Cornwall, all mobility accessible hope sea air helps me

@Mickyboy happy days great news something to look forward to. :blush:

Sounds great @Mickyboy , enjoy :grinning:

@Mickyboy that sounds amazing. Have a great time x