Dog sitting Physio

Hi Everyone, I’m 5 years post stroke which paralysed my left side. We are looking after our daughter’s small dog today and my husband has just gone off to work, so I’m in charge !!
Not one to miss out on some extra exercise, I’m getting up and down every 5 minutes to let him in and out of the garden. I actually enjoy having to move about for something other than the usual trips into the kitchen to make myself acup of tea or trips to the bathroom. I have to be extra careful though, as he likes to run around whilst I’m making my way to the back door!!
I actually enjoy having a reason to move about and being useful for a change.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Regards Sue


That sounds fun @Susan_Jane , definitely be careful he doesn’t trip you up @Rups had a nasty fall whilst out with his dog, so unfortunately it can happen.

Best wishes

@Susan_Jane sounds like you’re having lots of exercise there. Just watch out for excited dogs getting under your feet. Enjoy your dog sitting xx

It is good to get up and walk around (keeps the circulation going). One thing I do is to keep going to the window and looking what birds I can spot. This has been interrupted recently because next door have got a new cat that comes and sits on my wall but I dont mind - it is a friendly cat and it ‘talks’ to me through the window.

I would love to have a dog but I would not be able to take it out and living alone would not be good for the dog.

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@sunnyday i often watch the birds through patio doors. We do have the odd cat wander around but the pheasant can look after himself ok :grin: the cats usually sit & watch us through rhe patio.

Hi, there’s not much going on in our garden today. It’s very wet and very windy here in Kent today. Even the dog is a bit nervous about going outside definitely no birds about. Hopefully it will be a bit brighter tomorrow.

Regards Sue


Hi there.
I am the same. I need a reason to go out walking, so earlier this year I signed up to be a Battersea foster carer for cats and dogs. I’ve had a Greyhound (lovely, slow walker), a Staffie (nightmare- had me over 3 times) and 3 different cats. Doesn’t cost me a penny and keeps me active!


@MinnieB oh wow that’s an amazing thing to do. I’m afraid of dogs so i’d have to walk the cats but I love that you’re doing that. Will mean so much to the animals x

Fantastic @MinnieB id like to do something like that but unfortunately I’m at work, so it’s not possible at the moment, enjoy your furry companions :+1:

@MinnieB what a lovely thing to do Minnie, I’m glad your doing this and it sounds therapeutic to.

I’m a cat lover and a little wary of dogs so your brave. Take care though you don’t want a fall. Kind regards Loraine

Happy conversing with our four new point of lay hens, but there having a torrid time at moment with this rain think ducks might have been better option. Yet to put bird feeders up as it’s been such a bountiful year for fruit, nuts and berries. Will be interested to see what appears as we’ve moved from a bungalow surrounded by trees and coppice to an open rural-location with one herd of cows mooching about and fields of sugar beet, spuds and sweet corn which has all been harvested


Hi Sue sounds like getting excise you need as having some fun with lovely dog to not many birds in our garden to many cats around apart from seagulls that is but it’s good you getting to move about with the dog I have dog my self she is called Bonnie lovely little bichion ferice might spelt that wrong hopefully your understand but she is lovely dog take here for three small walks per day only five minutes around corner from our house I am nearly eleven months post stroke now but recently started stroke rehab physio up till then I was doing it for myself had to keep moving I have osteoporosis arthritis on right side and stroke effected my left side so was completely out balance but was determined to keep moving and walking love to get out with my little dog even for short period each day yes it as been really blustery and rainy last few days which is not so nice but dog needs her walks and I need to keep moving so it’s still joy to get out there I also was diagnosed with heart failure to when I had stroke so can’t walk as far as I would like to as can get breathless but you keep up nice time with extra walking movement with your doggie around the house take care stay safe and stay warm kaz 61 xx

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Hi there. I have a problem with my dog, she is7 yrs old, got her for my 70th birthday. I Had a stroke December 2021 and can’t walk her as i did prestroke and she has started peeing in the house any one any ideas about getting her to stop.? Don’t want to rehome her but a dogs pee smells awful not to mention damp socks and feet.

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Hi @Allan_4389 She may need to be let out more often, some dogs need more regular toilet breaks than others. It might be worth getting her checked for a UTI at the vets if you are able, just in case. Is there anyone who could help you by taking her out for a walk? It is hard, I have two dachshunds and am only just getting back to walking them most days. My daughter has been helping and I have used a lovely dogwalker a couple of times.

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@Allan_4389 I agree with @Ktrean60 . Maybe a dog Walker or get checked over. Good luck hope you get it sorted.