Dizzyness after TIA

I had a TIA at end of march 22. Since thenI experience nearly every day some dizzy spells and overwhelming tiredness. i don’t feel I progressed at all since the TIA and certainly feel worse than whenit happened.

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My first and most important question is
Are you undergoing medical treatment?
Whether you are getting treatment or not, have you reported the dizziness and the fact you have had a TIA to a doctor or practice nurse.
You really should talk to a medical professional. They will look over any treatment you might be receiving and establish whether any further action needs to be taken.

If you are experiencing symptoms of stroke you must phone for an ambulance without delay.

You are very welcome here on this forum. There are many here who have survived stroke and who are happy to share their knowledge and experience.

We want you to feel comfortable here and able to discuss anything that is troubling you.

@cutler662 welcome to our forum where we share a wealth of experience between us all. I’m sorry you had a TIA. Are you on medication? I still suffer from dizziness now and again but lately it’s a kind of off balance feeling. I’m 16 months post stroke.

I’m sure you will read a lot of our posts under different headings it may help, but also @Bobbi is right in saying about medical help we are all Duffy and have suffered different kinds and levels of strokes.

Good luck and we are all a friendly bunch look forward to chatting soon best wishes Loraine

Not sure what you mean by medical treatment. I’m on apixaban. I have a pacemaker and had mitral valve repair in Dec21. The stroke consultant doesn’t seem interested and says apixaban is all they can do. I see my GP in a couple of days.

Hi @cutler662 i think we mean ask about the dizziness if it could be your medication. If it needs changing or if they need to add to your medication. I sometimes feel nauseous too. Not sure if I’m being much help. :upside_down_face:

Dizziness, balance and coordination are three enduring symptoms of my multiple TIAs. This has been my case for over 5 years. Also the tiredness is prevalent and seems to increase the symptoms I have just described. For me it has become a case of condition management and learning how to get on with life. Learning what my limitations are helps me to plan ahead day by day.

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Only change in meds was from warfarin to apixaban in Dec 21.

The doc should have had a look at your blood pressure, often a factor in the occurrence of stroke.
Chat to your gp about your concerns, I’m not a medical professional, so undoubtedly he could tell you more relevant information.
I wouldn’t advise you to just get used to those symptoms, I do this out of caution, because of my ignorance. Hopefully your gp will either put your mind at rest or have further treatment to offer.

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@cutler662 welcome to the forum. Sorry to.hear you’ve had a tia. I think dizziness and tiredness are common symptoms. I had a stroke.8 mo the ago and still get dizzy and awful tiredness that can wipe me out for days. Everyone is different though and if they are new symptoms foe.you it is advisable to speak to your GP or other medical professional. The heat of the last couple of days wont have helped I’m sure.
Hope you start to feel better soon.

I had an acute stroke 2 years ago and then two weeks ago I think I had a TIA. Waited in A @E for seven hours before being admitted to a ward. Not the stroke ward which I assume was full. Was supposed to have an MRI scan but told the list was too long and discharged and told I would have one as an outpatient. After hearing nothing for 2 days I rang hospital and booked myself in. Also supposed to have heart monitor fitted which hasn’t been done. Hospital put me on Amlodopine as blood pressure was high. I also take Olmesartan, Clopidogrol and Artovastatin. Husband passed away in February and I live alone. Feel very isolated!


@Puck hi I’m so sorry you have been through a stroke then suspected one. I am also very sorry to hear your sad news about your husband. You will feel isolated.

Do you have any family support? Maybe ask your GP or stroke team to refer you for some counselling. I did and it helped me. You can have the counselling by phone or face to face now covid is more relaxed at hospitals. This is the stroke association they were so helpful for me try calling them and ask for help. 03033033100.

You will get support from all of us but feeling isolated you need need face to face support too. Do you have friends to see or they visit you? I wish you well and hope you can chat with someone soon and look forward to hearing from you on here.
Best regards, Loraine

@Puck so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. That’s a lot to deal with without then having a TIA. As @Loshy has said try reaching out to the stroke association or speak to your GP about counselling. The Stroke Association can put you in touch with someone who will give you a call from time to time to just chat. That may help a little. They also run online sessions which you can dip in and out of when you want to. Hopefully you have some family nearby who can visit but I know it’s not the same as having someone there all the time.
We are also here if you want to reach out.
Best wishes

Ann xxx

Thank you for your kind words. I was my husband’s carer for over 20 years after a heart transplant. He was always in and out of hospital so I suppose I got a bit blasé thinking he would always survive. He was a patient at the wonderful QE hospital in Birmingham and was their longest surviving heart transplant patient. I was really annoyed after my original acute stroke as I was very fit, not overweight and never really been ill before. I have two children who have been fantastic but neither live near me. I live in a small village in the Cotswolds and have lovely neighbours so I’m very lucky really. It has been so helpful being in this group. You don’t feel alone.