After being away with family for week away to Cornwall and now back home after 2 days it hits you again loneliness when they all back to doing their own things

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@Mickyboy welcome back! But you had a great holiday? I thought you were living at your daughters? You should enjoy the peace for a few days :thinking::wink:

I think a lot of it is the adjustment. You get used to all the stimulation of a lot of other people, and then it seems real quiet when it goes away. You’ll get used to the “difference”, and then you won’t feel so lonely, I bet. Anyway, we’re here. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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@Mickyboy sorry to hear you’re feeling lonely. It does take some getting used to. I am on my own a lot as my husband has to work. some days its great other days I feel very lonely.
The trick for me is to occupy my time with something I enjoy. Difficult when you’re restricted by the stroke but I have foundca hew hobby of colouring by numbers which I enjoy.
Did I read something the other day about you being able to drive again? Perhaps take yourself out somewhere. The Stroke assocuation also have a buddy system that you could try. And of course this forum is great for reaching out.
Take good care of yourself x

Thanks loshy yes my daughter and grandchildren came had great time just so deflated now all gone back to work and school seems bit harder this time I’ll get over it soon hope

@Mickyboy but that’s great you had some nice family time! Have you been out in your car recently? :blush: