Cycling, north somerset

cycling (gentle) in north somerset

hi, wandered if anyone fancies doing an occasional little gentle cycling in north somerset, if so can you pm me, thank you


Did you find anyone to ride with?

Hi Steve @Steve_Long, hope you’re doing ok, your previous post (7 months ago) was made before I joined, so we’ve not chatted before.

I too hope @s00001 found someone to cycle with.

Best wishes, take care :grinning:

Good Afternoon,

Had a bit of a set back about the time you joined. Used to go to Chepstow Garden Centre on Mondays. Know the days are getting warmer will try to get transport as Buses are like Rocking Horses few and far between.
looking for someone to ride with from Chepstow range limited by my e-bike and coffee stops.

Hope you find someone to go out with, unfortunately I’m not in your neck of the woods, take care :grinning: