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Hi all,
This might seem like a silly question. Can a TIA stroke be seen on a scan? Does it leave some scarring on the brain?
Sometimes l think of things that l just need to find some kind of answers to . Its not as if you can just speak to a GP these days .

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I think it’s unlikely that a TIA will show on a CT scan. Sometimes strokes don’t show on a CT scan but do on a more detailed MRI. Have a look at this link.

Shwmae @Woodside, it depends on the stroke also. A cerebellar stroke won’t show up on a CT scan as there is too much bone, and the same applies to a TIA in the cerebellum.

However, a TIA will show up on an MRI, I had six TIAs and all of mine were visible but they start to fade as they heal. So, it is best not to have to wait too long for an MRI.

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Hi Woodside,
I had multiple TIAs identified on a CT scan. I cant remember what it was called but the CT scan also involved them pumping some special dye into my bloodstream to enhance the scan pictures.
The Radiologiist would not let me have an MRI scan because it may have interfered with the pacemaker I have fitted.
At least I got an explanation of why I was having all the symptoms I was experiencing.

@Woodside its a very important question actually. They give me a CT scan and it showed nothing then 10 days later the MRI showed my cerebellar stroke at the back left of my head.

If you don’t get answers I would ask fir MRI too.

Good luck and keep us posted kindest regards Loraine :hugs:

similar to Loshy
CT inconclusive but subsequent mri showed stroke & several previous ones

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Hi @Woodside,

Hope you are well. The day I had a TIA it did not show up on the CT scan. However, I had an MRI scan 4 days later which showed the marks on my brain. Its best if you can get an MRI scan done sooner, its a more detailed scan of the brain and can pick up more than the CT scan can.

Wish you the all the best.

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My PACs stroke didn’t show on the CT either so I convinced myself it hadn’t happened until I had the MRI and there it was !

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@Yellowdog so your mri showed the stroke? How long after your stroke? What sort did you have? Thanks in anticipation

I had the CT on the same day as I had the stroke but it didn’t show anything, 7 days later I had the MRI and then had to wait 10 days to get the results which showed I’d had a PACs stroke ,partial anterior collusion apparently.no idea what it means as there is very little info on it but it wasn’t a Tia. Hope your doing ok .

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